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Why So Many Mysterious Deaths In The International Financial Community?

March 12, 2014

A spate of mysterious deaths in international monetary circles have been blamed on suicides and/or excessive stress. Although the incidents have thus far been kept quiet, a father-son team of web writers is not buying the official story line. The internet radio team of Douglas and Joe Hagmann is pointing to the labyrinthine connections within the world banking conglomerate, America’s stunning surveillance apparatus, and our compliant media. Add CIA activities to the incestuous relationship between Wall Street and NYPD surveillance, and the behind the curtains dramas are equal to the finest moments of Greek tragedy.

Consider the fact that long time Wall Street Journal (WSJ) financial reporter David Bird went for an early evening walk on January 11 of this year and literally vanished into thin air.  There was an “unconfirmed report that Bird’s credit card was used in Mexico.” But there has been no follow-up trace story about this financial writer who worked for the Dow, covering OPEC and other money stories for the past twenty years.

Two international “suicides” are also troubling Doug Hagmann.  A top director of India’s Tata Motors, Karl Slym, went to the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok to attend a board meeting, but was found dead on the fourth floor from a possible death dive.  Police there issued a could-have-been-suicide statement.  And another possible roof dive at the London headquarters of JP Morgan took the life of 39 year old Gabriel Magee, who headed up oversight for fixed income securities and interest rate derivatives.

Remember the shroud of vagueness and shrugged shoulders that quickly disappeared from the mainstream media after the mega collapse in 2008?  Why are the big banks that were just too big to fail still operating, while DoJ investigators look into who the hidden elevator guests were at Credit Suisse?

Well, the Hagmann article titled “Exposing What Lies Beneath the Bodies of Dead Bankers and What Lies Ahead for Us” (February 17, 2014), is a must read for middle class savers and strugglers, caught up in the international chess game known not as a casino roll but rather as a money grab for our IRAs, 401ks, and whatever else Uncle Sam can attach.  This article quotes another journalist, Pam Martens, who says there is no solid evidence that the Gabriel Magee death was a suicide.  She wonders why he emailed his girlfriend to say he’d see her shortly after leaving his office on the evening of January 27, but somehow took his own life in a roof fall instead. Magee’s death leaves behind a string of more unanswered questions that no U.S. media investigator apparently is looking to answer.

And what about the 21 year old Bank of America intern who supposedly died from the stress of pulling too many all-nighters?  What’s this about a college ager being stressed out from staying up all night? Just what do investigators for the Justice Department and the Senate committees know but aren’t telling the American people?  Here is the wisdom of one commenter quoted after the Karl Slym death dive: “What do they know that the rest don’t. . .what all these folks have in common is that they were in the know about what really happens behind the curtain.”

Other mysterious deaths involve a Deutsche Bank employee–William Broeksmit, 58–found hanging in his home, and Mike Dueker of WA’s Russell Investment Company–who police say “may have jumped a fence and fallen to his death near the big Tacoma bridge.”  What about the deaths of Ryan Crane of JP Morgan and Richard Talley, founder of American Title?  Interesting is the fact that investigations into Deutsche Bank, American Title, and JP Morgan were ongoing. The report Doug Hagmann questions calls this last man’s death the result of possibly shooting himself multiple times with a NAIL GUN!

These intrepid writers are stepping out into very murky financial waters as they try to follow the money and the bodies for us.  Just what the real story is remains behind many layers of America’s webs of deceit. The first question should be why this monumental story had to be covered, not by America’s media, but by the conservative Canada Free Press!

CREDIT TO:   Suzanne Eovaldi / Western Journalism



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