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Gun control lobby continues to ignore the facts about background checks

March 7, 2014


Has The NRA Used The American Gun Owner As A Means To Pad Their Pockets Instead Of Truly Fighting For Your 2nd Amendment Rights?

Before you go straight to the article, I would like to give you a little insight about the NRA. Many gun owners think that the NRA is on their side fighting for their 2nd Amendment right, unfortunately that is not really the case. In all cases the NRA will compromise your rights and call it a win, always working backroom deals for what best benefits them, not you! Want proof? Look at every case that the NRA has supposedly fought on your behalf, always resulting in a less than 100% win. The C word “compromise” ALWAYS is a factor and it will always be a factor. Think about it…if the NRA would fight for our 2nd Amendments rights as they should, they would put themselves pretty much out of business!

Out of all the many gun owners I have spoken with, none to date could tell me the complete history of the NRA. Did you know that the first major gun control laws were written in large part by the NRA? Yep, it’s true…back in 1934, the 1934 Gun Control Act was written and pushed through by the NRA. Talk about a conflict of interests! As I said before, it is a matter of record that every so called fight that the NRA has been in to secure your rights has ended up in compromise. Another prime example of the twisting and shredding of your 2nd Amendment rights, can be found in the ignorance and or the lack of effort that we see by Chris Cox of the NRA. Chris Cox is the “Executive Director, NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action”. As you read this article pick out Chris’s misconceptions and or willing compromises he aspires to make on your behalf!

American Gun Owners have placed their faith in the wrong people and it’s clear that these people have only their own interest at heart. There are organizations that will not compromise your 2nd Amendment Rights, like Gun Owners Of America. This is not a plug for the organization, I’m simply giving an example. Larry Pratt, who is the President of GOA is a man bent on restoring our 2nd Amendment rights in full, no compromise. Stop placing your faith in self-centered greedy actors who only take your money and compromise your rights away! Proof is in the pudding…are your 2nd Amendment rights more or less secure today? If you answered less, you would be correct. The fruits are in the deeds or the lack there of with the NRA! Think about it…



Article Begins Here

The Brady Campaign’s recent report that the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) has “stopped more than 2.1 million would-be gun purchases” sure sounds impressive – only it isn’t true.

The fact is the vast majority of the 2.1 million people flagged by NICS are either legitimate purchasers who are snagged by mistake, or criminals who are then turned loose to obtain firearms elsewhere, rather than being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

For example, in 2010, only 62 out of 72,659 NICS denials led to prosecutions by the federal government – and only 13 of those prosecutions resulted in a conviction. That’s .0001 percent.

According to Vice-President Joe Biden, the reason for the Obama administration’s near-total lack of enforcement is that “we simply don’t have the time or the manpower to prosecute everybody who lies on a form, that checks a wrong box, that answers a question inaccurately.” If that’s the case, then what’s the point of the check? Does the administration think a determined criminal will give up a life of crime after a NICS denial?

Moreover, the Brady Campaign is being intentionally deceitful by claiming “40 percent” of gun purchases are conducted without a background check. You won’t read this in their misleading report, but even the notoriously anti-gun Washington Post debunked their “40 percent” whopper, giving it a rating of “3 Pinocchios” for dishonesty. That’s because this statistic comes from a 251-person survey conducted nearly two decades ago, in which more than three-quarters of the firearm sales covered in the survey occurred before background checks were mandated by federal law.

The most recent Department of Justice survey of 1,402 convicted criminals found that nearly 90 percent of them got their guns from sources including theft, straw purchases, family, friends, and the black market. None of these would have been blocked by NICS.

If the Brady Campaign truly wanted to keep guns out of the wrong hands, it would challenge Biden and the Obama administration on their admitted refusal to prosecute those they know may be attempting to purchase a firearm illegally. Instead, they’re renewing their push for Obama’s so-called “universal background checks” scheme, which has more to do with registering and criminalizing lawful transfers than reducing violent crime.

But that’s the point. The Brady Campaign’s clear goal is to harass law-abiding gun owners and manufacture public shame toward anyone who exercises their Second Amendment rights. They can try by hook or by crook, but the National Rifle Association won’t them get away with it.

Chris W. Cox is the Executive Director of the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) and serves as the organization’s chief lobbyist.

CREDIT TO:  The Daily Caller / Divine Freedom

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