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WATCH – WARNING, HORRENDOUSLY GRAPHIC: Syrian Christian Forced To Convert To Islam, Then Beheaded Anyway

March 6, 2014

Those of you who believe that Islam is peaceful and a religion are completely ignorant of the truth! Nothing is peaceful about Islam and by many Imam’s own words, Islam is NOT a religion. America and the world better wake up and do it quickly. We already have Muslims in the highest positions in our government…the President, DHS, and in every agency. Many of these Muslims are members of the Muslim Brotherhood and C.A.I.R.. Everything that I expose to you is factual and can easily be proven. It is time for Christians and non-Christians alike to educate yourselves about Islam, and to come to the understanding that Muslims want only two things. To kill you and to dominate you, the preference is to kill you! This weak Christian man who denounced Jesus Christ in order to save his own hide ended up being beheaded anyway! I can tell you where he is right at this moment and it’s not heaven. The only lord that the Muslims serve is Satan himself, as the Bible tell us…you will know them by their fruits. Watch this video and conclude for yourself who these people are and who they really worship, I can tell you without any doubt it is not God.



As Obama continues to say nothing about the worldwide persecution and slaughter of Christians by Muslims.


CREDIT TO: / / John PND / Divine Freedom

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