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Obama sees the enemy, and it is us

March 4, 2014

While President Obama is busy sending his Secretary of State to announce the weakening the position of the U.S. in relation to the world, and his Secretary of Defense is busy dismantling our nation’s military apparatus, he is busy with pen in hand making sure he increases his control over us domestically. Apparently, he sees the enemy, and it is us!


David Davenport described the presidential overreach this way at on February 24, 2014: “Executive orders, as their name implies, are for the executive branch to carry out, literally to ‘execute,’ a bill passed into law. They follow on and implement laws passed by Congress. But Obama has changed all of that, instead using executive orders on offense, to trigger a set of policy changes he wants but fears Congress won’t enact. He is not ‘executing’ laws, he is making them.”

One of the most egregious of these executive orders, essentially ignored by the liberal media, was signed two years ago in March, illegally extending the power of the executive branch under the guise of administering the Defense Production Act of 1950.

In this executive order, the Secretaries of the Departments of Agriculture, Energy, Health and Human Services, Transportation, Defense, and Commerce are given authority to “plan for and issue regulations to prioritize and allocate resources and establish standards and procedures by which the authority shall be used to promote the national defense, under both emergency and non-emergency conditions.”

And this executive order authorizes them to “procure and install additional equipment, facilities, processes, or improvements to plants, factories, and other industrial facilities owned by the Federal Government and to procure and install Government owned equipment in plants, factories, or other industrial facilities owned by private persons.”

So not only would it unconstitutionally give them authority to seize or control both federal and private facilities during national defense emergencies, this authority extends to “non-emergency conditions” as well. Of course, if you’re a Democrat, anything the President does now that he’s no longer George W. Bush is OK. Add this to the list of reasons no Democrat up for election should remain in office after November 4, 2014. Of course, the more conservative Republicans elected the better, since liberal  Republicans have shown they have a serious problem with standing up to the President’s dangerous behavior as well.

In addition to putting the brakes on the Obama domestic agenda, a Republican-led House and Senate would be a strong counter to Obama’s international appeasement agenda as well.

Naval Commander Kirk Lippold (Retired) was the Commanding Officer of the USS Cole when it came under a suicide terrorist attack in October 2000 and currently serves as the President of Lippold Strategies, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in executive leadership development and long-range strategic planning.

On the Huckabee TV show March 1, 2014, he said the following:

“We have a military and a navy today that no longer has the ships available to be forward deployed and in position to react to crises around the world. We went from the top where we were at 15 carrier battlegroups at the height of the Reagan administration to where we are now down to 9 battlegroups, with one under construction.

“The Navy, if they had their way, would decommission two more aircraft carriers to try and fit within a perceived budget line, which takes away the flexibility of the nation to respond to crises and be able to react and do what is necessary.

“You have to have that forward presence to act as a deterrent.”

To strengthen our naval presence in the world, Lippold recommends we “stop the littoral combat ship program,” which is part of an effort to reduce our military to a close-to-shore defensive status and to “start building other ships including a next-generation destroyer and frigate that are capable of working with the aircraft carrier battlegroups around the world…to have that sea presence to guard our economic lifelines.”

CREDIT TO:  Rolf Yungclas / Canada Free Press

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