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St. Louis Chief of Police Sam Dotson Says You Only BELIEVE You Have a 2nd Amendment Right!

February 28, 2014

“I understand the Second Amendment, and I understand everyone’s right, or their belief that they have a right to bear arms,” he says. “It doesn’t give them a right to use that weapon.”

Apparently , according to this would-be tyrant, we only BELIEVE we have a right to keep and bear arms and we do NOT have a right to use them! Obviously, Chief of Police Sam-the-Nazi Dotson DOESN’T understand the Second Amendment at all! This is a VERY DANGEROUS man for St. Louisans!


A local television news program reported last night that Sam-the-Nazi-Dotson said, when referring to this year’s Soulard Mardi Gras celebrations, “Concealed carry permit holders should leave them at home!” This is a clear case of a tyrant arbitrarily passing an ordinance by decree. There is no law! In fact, the highest law of the land–the Constitution–confirms that you DO have the right. But according to this scum you have to do what the police say because the police say it.

THIS IS WHAT A POLICE STATE LOOKS LIKE! Hate mail badly needed for St. Louis Police Chief Sam-the-Nazi-Dotson, who said that you only BELIEVE you have a right to keep and bear arms. He has a blog and a Twitter account which are linked on the official website of the St. Louis Police Dept:

Please share so as many people as possible can tell this pig what we think about him. Don’t mince words–tell it exactly as it is. This man is truly an enemy of the very Constitution that he took an oath to protect and defend. We have to stand up to these people and call them out for what they are: oath breakers and traitors who should be tried for treason and sentenced when found guilty. Those who act like sheep will be ruled by wolves. How do you like being ruled by a police state!

SOURCE: Riverfront Times – New St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson: “More Guns Is Never The Answer”






  1. molon_labe permalink

    Guess we’ll find out when you come for it. But you won’t. You are a coward. A slave to your political masters. So you will instead send your officers to do your dirty work (most of who are pro 2nd amendment). And people will die. Good and bad. All because you are a coward to the very center of your soul.

  2. I’m pretty sure the local sheriff didn’t take an oath to protect and defend the federal constitution.

    And, no, you don’t have a right to USE your weapon. The states, on the hand, do have the right to well-regulate the militia.

    • noneofyourbusiness permalink

      sit down and shut up. It does not say “well regulated MILITIA!!!!

      • Sam permalink

        Yes, Yes it does…. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

    • David Page permalink

      The term “well regulated militia” means well trained. The U.S. Supreme Court has stated that the 2nd applies to the individual right to keep & use arms in their own personal defense. Second, the chief of police is not the sheriff – the sheriff is the highest local law enforcement officer & he DOES have to take an oath to defend the constitution of both his state & the federal constitution. The chief of police is an appointed position which is why legally he is subordinate to the sheriff.

    • John permalink

      Then we should all join a militia

  3. John Knowles permalink

    How do people like you get in positions of power? You certainly have no desire to perpetuate freedom for your children and grandchildren. It’s a shame that you socialistic anti-American know it alls have gotten into so many authoritative governmental positions. The public is beginning to wake up and your days are numbered numbnuts!!!!!!

  4. t.j. permalink

    Well Sam when you come to my home and try to take them, we will see if I only believe I have a right to own,carry,and USE my firearm. Don’t be stupid.

  5. I.P. Freely permalink

    He was only saying card holders should leave them at home during the mardi gras party time since there is drinking involved. I love my guns and carry them, but in no way will I have my gun with me when I am drinking. That is like give a 2 year old a loaded and cocked gun. You all are taking what he says as him trying to take guns away. Grow up people and learn to read the full truth in things. I can’t believe I fought for people in this country who are so stupid they don’t even know what people are saying.

  6. Not a better time to stand up for what is right and protect the 2nd amendment …

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