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February 21, 2014


I believe this to be breaking news. The IRS has begun an effort to change the tax status of citizens who are married and who claim “married” to a single tax status. By doing this the IRS will collect additional funds from each paycheck, which can be substantial. The IRS of course performs this act without the permission of the citizens.

How it’s done: The IRS notifies your employer to change your status from married to single. Once changed the IRS will collect the additional money on your next paycheck. The money collected by the IRS will not be returned to you even if you prove the IRS at fault. Your only recourse is to claim the loss when you do your tax returns or file suit. This is unquestionably theft, can the IRS be charged, I doubt it. Even if you had a legal leg to stand on, it would be nearly impossible to find a prosecutor to move forward on the charges.

Remedy:  You can visit your local IRS office and attempt to sort it out before you loose a great deal of money. Be prepared to prove your case. The IRS may ask you for documentation that they already have. I would even bring my marriage license with me to prove that you are indeed married. As I gather further details I will follow up with the information.

This Is Another Obama Scam:  As I see it, this is another ploy by the Obama administration to steal our wealth from us. They have the means to take our money from us before we even receive it, just as they have complete access to our bank accounts. Let this serve as a warning to every American, this is just the beginning. The criminal and chief and his thugs will strip us of everything we have which include first and foremost our God given freedoms and rights.

NOTE: If you have experienced this or a similar situation and can document the facts, please notify us and we will get your story out.




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