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Connecticut Gun Owners Engage In Grand Civil Disobedience Display

February 15, 2014

It’s time for all gun owners as well as those who support the 2nd Amendment to stand with the Connecticut gun owners. We cannot allow them to fight alone, we must be ready and willing to aid them at ALL levels. We must not let them down, this is our opportunity to stand as one people, against the tyrants who wish to disarm and destroy us.


Assault Weapons Flickr Creative Commons Chayak

The ongoing debate over gun control has included many disingenuous leftist arguments with the intention of portraying so-called assault rifles as somehow more lethal than ordinary rifles or handguns. In reality, a tiny fraction of all homicides are caused by such weapons; however, the anti-gun crowd saw the sometimes intimidating look of these firearms as a logical place from which to launch its crusade against the Second Amendment.

In Connecticut, for example, legislators banned the sale of assault weapons and, in order for the residents who already own one or more to keep them, they were required to register with the state by Dec. 31, 2013. The new law also expands the state’s definition of assault weapon, allowing the government more control over its residents’ right to bear arms.

In the weeks since that deadline passed, however, officials have noticed that only a small percentage of those gun owners have gone through the trouble of applying for registration and earning a spot in the state’s database.

Recent reports indicate that less than 48,000 of these weapons are already registered, while another 2,100 remain somewhere in the application process. Estimates place the number of unregistered assault weapons at as high as 350,000.

This means that each of these gun owners is now a de facto felon, which is apparently a calculated step many are prepared to take in support of their own Second Amendment rights. While some contend that at least some of these individuals were either unaware of the new law or unable to register before the deadline, State Sen. Tony Guglielmo said he believes a huge number of residents are engaging in civil disobedience against the frustrating law.

“When people start to question laws and the lawmakers and the process that they went through,” he told Fox News in a recent interview, “then that kind of eats away at the underpinnings of democracy. I don’t think that’s too far a stretch.”

No matter the reason, though, the law has no sympathy for those who missed the deadline. Connecticut has no plans in the works to amend the law in any way and offers no leniency. Therefore, if a gun owner wanted to register a weapon at this point, he or she could easily be arrested and face felony charges.

Millions of Americans – and possibly hundreds of thousands of Connecticuters – believe this law is a blatant attack on a right the Constitution declares cannot be abridged. Unfortunately, those affected by its mandate were given the unenviable choice of abiding by an outrageous law or living in fear of a prison sentence.

As leftists continue to disarm Americans through their skewed interpretation of the Bill of Rights, citizens become less free; and our government amasses more control than ever before. There is a reason our founders held the right to bear arms in such high regard – and today’s leaders are a perfect example of their concern.




  1. MOLON LABE!!!!!!!! …

  2. We are on our way

  3. If they ask for our presence we need to assemble there en mass, armed & prepared to defend our brothers & sisters and our rights from this tyrannical government.

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