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Man Arrested By Drone For Crime He Didn’t Commit

February 1, 2014


Rodney Brossart was arrested through the use of a Predator  Drone for a crime he didn’t commit, namely the theft of six cows that had  strayed onto his land from a nearby farm.

The drones used were those the Department of Homeland Security uses to  monitor our borders, ostensibly for monitoring the vast numbers of illegal  aliens entering this country. But when Brossart told the local sheriff that he  didn’t steal his neighbor’s cows and to get off the “bleep” off of his land, the  sheriff called in the drones to hunt down this American citizen as if he was a  high-ranking member of the Taliban.

DHS was only too willing to help; and using a hardware call VADER (Vehicle  And Dismount Exploitation Radar) that allows drones to track people on foot, the  local Sheriff was able to corner Brossart and his sons on their own land.

Rodney Brossart and his sons were arrested and charged with the theft of the  cows, criminal mischief, and “terrorizing the police.”

Honestly, if you had told me that there was even a crime on the books called  “terrorizing the police,” I would have laughed and demanded proof; but  apparently there is in North Dakota.

The cows eventually found their way back home. Brossart was acquitted of the  charges of grand theft cow (x6) and criminal mischief, but was convicted of  terrorizing the police.

No warrants were issued for the use of the drone to provide the  necessary surveillance to capture Rodney Brossart and his three sons on their  land. However, without the use of this drone, it is doubtful that  the Sheriff would have ever have found these non-cattle rustlers on their own  3000-acre property.

What we see here is a gross misuse of the government’s assets and a criminal  act of abuse of authority. None of this had to happen to begin with if the local  sheriff (or better yet, the neighbor) had been less aggressive in their handling  of Brossart.

That is why they are called Peace officers out west, because they are  supposed to keep the peace, not use military grade unmanned attack aircraft to  capture people whose only crime had to do with defending their property against  some wayward cows (and an over zealous sheriff who got all goo goo eyed at the  thought of running down some might-be cattle rustlers with the US government’s  eyes in the sky.)

That a judge decided that they did indeed warrant the use of a drone to  arrest them is a sobering precedence. These drones don’t seem to have stopped  one single illegal alien from entering this country. In fact, they don’t even  save the lives of those illegal aliens stranded in our southern deserts from the  elements.

Why was Rodney Brossart targeted to begin with? Given the local and helpful  sheriff, it was nothing more than a dry run on how these things can be used  against any American for crimes that don’t even warrant such an expenditure of  time and resources.

CREDIT TO:  The Western Center For Journalism



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