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A Most Bizarre, Hilarious Table Tennis Match Shows Competitors Having a Ball

January 28, 2014

If you’ve ever seen professional table tennis — or at least “Forest Gump” — you’d know the game can get quite heated.

Well, the high-speed shots taken by Belgian competitor Jean-Michel Saive and Taiwanese competitor Chuang Chih-yuan were quite impressive at recent match, but it’s the pair letting their guard down and having a little fun that’s getting attention.


Saive after a good rally fell to the floor acting as if he had suffered a heart attack. Chih-yuan playing along came to his rescue. (Image source: YouTube)

Around five minutes into the video, the players start making fun of their own hits, dramatizing them in slow motion to the laughter of the crowd. Saive at one point leaped over one of the court barriers to try and make a hit.

Saive later shifted the table and Chih-yuan chimed in, helping him move it completely, to the angst of the judges who tried to keep their smiles behind tight lips.

After this table move, one of the judges actually had to duck to avoid being hit, while Saive took advantage of the situation to flip the score card jokingly in his favor.

And, yes, at one point there were two balls going on the table. We highly recommend skipping to 11:30 to see the players’ quick skills with the two balls and to about 0:12: 05 to see when the players start using their heads instead of paddles.

Watch the footage that shows the competitors having a blast with the game and giving spectators a special show:

The hilarity took place a the Tai Ben Invitational, where Chih-yuan eventually won the match and went onto the finals where he lost.

CREDIT TO:  Liz Klimas / The Blaze




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