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Abortion Hero Caught In Multiple Lies

January 20, 2014

A woman whose sole claim to national fame is her hours-long filibuster in  favor of unrestricted abortion access for women, it is clear Wendy Davis is  guided by a set of morals far different than the majority of Americans. The  Texas state senator is aligned with many on the far left, however, as many  prominent Democrats are now touting her as a possible gubernatorial candidate in  an otherwise reliably red state.

Apparently showing her solidarity with other leftists, recent reports show  Davis has completely lied about key aspects of her past. According to one  article in a recent issue of the Dallas Morning News, Davis’ failed marriages were the object  of many lies and distortions.

Though she claimed she was divorced for the first time at the age of 19, she  was actually two years older when her marriage dissolved.

Furthermore, her second ex-husband accused her of adultery and received  custody of the couple’s two children – a point conveniently left out of her  campaign propaganda. One of the children a court awarded to him, in fact, was  not even his biological offspring, but Davis’ daughter from a previous  relationship.

Perhaps most outrageously, the report indicates Davis initialized the divorce  just one day after her then-husband made the final payment for her law school  education.

For someone who is fashioning herself as the next women’s rights leader in  America, it seems a man was integral to her success. In true feminist fashion,  however, it seems she had no qualms with casting him aside after he had served  his purpose.

The article also claims Davis’ first political pursuit was as a Republican in  Fort Worth. Whether this was based on her belief that only a Republican could  win, or signifies as radical shift to the left in the years since, this is  another detail omitted from the narrative she has embraced recently.

In a frustratingly weak admission, she maintained only that her “language  should be tighter.”

Of course, she has likely learned from decades of anecdotal evidence that a  Democrat can easily get away with lying as long as he or she never actually  admits the lie. That remains to be seen for this rising star, however.

She still faces plenty of Republican competition, and few political pundits  actually believe she could win a statewide race at this point. As leftist  leaders continue their mission to turn Texas into a Democrat-controlled state,  one wonders if they will want to hitch their wagon to someone who cannot even be  honest about her own past.

While liars generally perform well among voters on the far left, Texas is  proudly different than the Democrat enclaves on either coast.

CREDIT TO:  B. Christopher Agee / The Western Center For Journalism




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