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Benghazi: What is Fit Punishment for a President who Lies About the Murder of Americans Just to Get Re-elected ?

January 16, 2014


  • Newly declassified  testimonies about what happened among Pentagon officials the night of the  Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012 have been obtained by Fox News.
  • The documents show the U.S. military found out about 15 minutes  after the attack – which killed four Americans – that it was an act of terror  and communicated that to the Obama administration.
  • However the government – including Obama and then-U.S. Secretary of  State Hilary Clinton, who were in the throes of the 2012 US Presidential  election – maintained for two weeks afterward the attack started as a protest  against an anti-Islamic film and turned violent.

It sickens me to hear how anyone can defend Barack Obama and Hillary  Clinton when the topic of Benghazi is brought up! To use the term “phony  scandal” just insults the intelligence. I belong to a group in my State of  Washington who monitors events like this, and we knew immediately after  the attack on September 11th that it was not because of some  “anti-Islamic video,” but a full-fledged terrorist attack. In fact, I’ll go on  record to say, that the attack on our embassy in Egypt was only a feint to  deflect from the real target in Benghazi. One doesn’t have to be an intelligence  analyst in some cubicle at CIA headquarters in Langley West Virginia, to figure  this one out. Yet, because of the contempt that Barack Obama has for the  American people and the overwhelming need to be re-elected as president, the  narrative of the “spontaneous  demonstration gone awry” was put forth merely to cover his foolish  statements about Al Qaeda being decimated and get his sorry butt re-elected.

Will someone please tell me, just what does it take for a President who does  these despicable things to get impeached? Benghazi is reason enough, in my  opinion; that is unless you are a Democrat, who just happens to be the first  black president in American history. That is not even the really infuriating  part.  Oh no, those same democrat politicians & liberals all over the   country who have been calling Benghazi a “phony scandal,” are calling for Chris  Christie’s blood because of a traffic  jam on the George Washington Bridge.

Will someone, anyone, please try and explain that kind of twisted  logic?

I know I have mentioned more than once about how important it is that  Republicans re-take the Senate and hold on to the House of Representatives, but  if this kind of blatant corruption is allowed to continue un-checked in the  White House, well… do I really have to say it?

I am not an advocate of or for violence, but I think the American people have  had their fill of crooked-filthy-lying politicians getting away with murder  (literally)!

CREDIT TO:  Richard Anthony / Freedom Outpost



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