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Why John Roberts (Likely) Is Protecting Obamacare…

January 9, 2014

Photo credit: terrellaftermath

On Monday, without comment (because he could not make a coherent one),   Chief Justice John Roberts denied a request by the Association of American  Physicians & Surgeons and the Alliance for Natural Health USA for a stay in  the implementation of Obamacare. The groups had made their application last  Friday, arguing that since the bill had been declared a tax by the Supreme Court  (with Justice Roberts himself the deciding vote), and it had originated in the  Senate (the Constitution says  revenue bills may not originate), the law was therefore unconstitutional; and  implementation of Obamacare  should at least be stayed pending  further examination.

While there are other minor issues attached to the application that were also  not addressed, the truth of the matter is clear: John Roberts will never do  anything to derail Obamacare, no matter what arguments against it are brought  before him.

There is very good reason to believe that regardless of the media’s skillful  smothering of the story, John Roberts is being blackmailed to make certain  Obamacare never falls in a Supreme Court case. The basis of this charge  surrounds the fact that a series of strange (and probably felonious) acts are  attached to the adoption of his two children.

In 2005, when they thought they were doing the Democrats’ bidding, the New  York Times dug into apparently easily accessible records and found that the  children Roberts and his wife adopted in “South America” started life as Irish  citizens. This is a red flag. The laws of Ireland regarding adoptions are very  clear: adoptions by non-citizens are prohibited, as are private adoptions.

Apparently, when the Democrats realized they could control a Supreme Court  Justice’s vote through blackmail over his having committed a number of  international crimes, the Times pulled back and dropped its investigation. The  Democrat paper of record pulled back because it didn’t want to “ break the  seal of an adoption case” – as if violating laws ever means anything to  Democrats in their quest for power. Keep in mind Barack Obama’s violation of his  opponents’ “sealed” divorce records propelled him to a US Senate seat.

What does the Roberts problem mean for the average American who looks to  Washington for relief from Democrat oppression? It means we won’t be getting any  relief from the Roberts Court, period.

Photo credit: terrellaftermath

CREDIT TO:  Dr. Kevin “Coach” Collins / The Western Center For Journalism



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