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Liberty Ammunition Increases Planned Production

December 6, 2013

Liberty Ammunition, global leader in high performance, lead-free ammunition  for military, law enforcement, personal defense and the hunting markets, has  announced a second shift for production of ammunition. Liberty Ammunition’s  Civil Defense line of personal defense ammunition for civilians and law  enforcement personnel is available in 9mm +P, .45 ACP +P, .40 S&W and .380  Auto. The .223 Silverado ammunition, Liberty’s first round in their new hunting  line, is included in the increased production runs.


The  high demand for quality, American-made ammunition has increased over the past  several months as several states have legislated strict laws regulating lead in  traditional ammunition and California being the first state to ban lead  ammunition. The recent announcement of the closing of the Herculaneum lead  smelter in Herculaneum, Missouri, on December 31, 2013, has further escalated  speculation on the future of American manufactured ammunition. Liberty’s  high-performance, lead-free ammunition has twice the effective range of standard  ammo, provides up to 16% less felt recoil and is considerably lighter weight  when carried in loaded magazines. Liberty’s hollow-point fragmenting Civil  Defense rounds also provide three times the terminal effects of traditional ammo  in comparable calibers. Every round exceeds match-grade quality in  performance.

“The foundation for Liberty Ammunition is providing superior ballistic  results built in a ‘green’ bullet,” Steven Torma, President and CEO of Liberty  Ammunition commented. “Liberty Ammunition has always been lead-free and is  proven highly effective whether on the battlefield or your local shooting range.  We anticipated changes in the marketplace prior to the recent developments and  are geared up to supply our customers with the very best in lead-free,  American-made and trusted ammunition.”

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CREDIT TO:  CJ Grisham / Freedom Outpost

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