Skip to content wants you to host a Newtown massacre ‘anniversary event’

December 4, 2013


Last week, they wanted to help you destroy your holiday gatherings by turning them into ObamaCare signup seminars.  That was irritating and weird, but it was nothing compared to what the far-left crackpots at have come up with now. On December 14th, it will have been one year since the horrific attack in Newtown Connecticut. Those in charge of the President’s private activist network have decided that you should use the memory of the victims to advance their agenda.

Organizing for Action would like you to host a “Newtown Anniversary Event.”

Seriously. They’re actually calling it that. It’s not a “memorial” or “an observance;” it’s an “anniversary event.”  It sounds like they’re holding a sale at a discount appliance store.

According to the site:

    “By hosting a Newtown Anniversary Event, you are joining thousands of Americans across the country as we remember the tragic events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School one year ago.  Supporters will be gathering at events in communities across the country, with partner organizations, to pay tribute to the 26 victims and call on Congress to finally take action to make our communities safer.”

Of course, it’s that last bit that really rankles.  We all know that calling on “Congress to finally take action” is prog-speak for demanding more gun control. If this were a “national moment of prayer” or a “day of remembrance” no one (aside from a minuscule cadre of atheists) would be complaining.

That’s not what this is.  A year ago, President Obama waged a battle for gun control, and the country overwhelmingly rejected his position. Yet here we are, 365 days later, and he’s still trying to leverage the deaths of children in an ongoing effort to force anti-2nd Amendment legislation down the throats of the American people.  This is a purely exploitative effort to use the murder of innocents to push Obama’s decades-old gun control agenda.

If you’re the kind of person who would like to get involved with this effort, you can head on over to the site, pledge your allegiance, and they’ll send you everything you need to get started.


CREDIT TO:  Robert Laurie / Canada Free Press / Divine Freedom

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