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“Where are the priests? We want to burn them at the stake”

December 2, 2013


The National Post’s November 27 headline Why being a Christian could be the most dangerous identity to hold in the world today can be interpreted in more ways than one.

In many countries expect no protection from police if your Christianity finds you under intense attack.

No police were there when 7,000 radical feminists came on in a screaming run to storm the Cathredal of San Juan Bautista in San Juan de Cuyo, Argentina,  Nov. 23-25, 2013.

No police were there when 500 radical feminists tried to force their way into the Cathedral after first having poured through the streets damaging schools, private homes, autos and memorials, on October 6-8., 2012.

“The Bishop of Posada, Msgr. Juan Ruben Martinze criticized the absence of police, who did not comply to whose duty it is to keep order and offer protection. (The Eponymous Flower, Nov. 28, 2013)  “The Bishop demanded prosecution for the aggression, which the young Catholics and the church suffered.  Additionally he explained that the anti-church hate slogans won’t be removed for two days, so that the people could see them and think about them, the methods and the level of their hatred for the church.”

With no police protection from them, radical feminist mobs are also on the attack in Spain.

On October 17, 2012, 100 Left-extremists attempted to storm the Salesian Order-operated Catholic School, “Maria Auxiliadora” in Merida, Spain.  More than 1,100 students attend classes at the school.

“With flags and symbols of anarchistic and Left-extremist groups from the Spanish Civil War, youth attacked the school.  With loud speakers the attackers shouted anti-Church slogans: “Where are the priests?  We want to burn them at the stake!” “More public schools, less crosses.”  The faculty of the Catholic school were insulted as “fascist whores”.  Ten violent attackers managed to get into the school despite the efforts of teachers and security personnel.”

Easy to understand why this screaming mob would borrow the theme of the Spanish Civil War for their latter-day violence.  During the blood-drenched Spanish Civil War,  (1936-1939) the anti-Church groups murdered more than 4,000 priests, religious and Catholic laity because of their Faith.

Perhaps it was sheer fear that kept the constabulary away from the front steps of the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, on Nov. 23-25 this year, where hordes of lesbians, abortion advocates, other feminists and their male peers were met by 1,500 young Catholics who formed a human shield around the Cathedral, holding off the mob of 7,000 with dignity and prayer.

Mob members ran up to those there to protect the Cathedral, running their paint-covered hands over their faces, spat upon and cursed them. YouTubes from the event—one showing a sexual act between two lesbians  are so vile—that Canada Free Press (CFP) is sending readers offline to another site to view them.

Let’s hope the videos will not frighten police off from protecting other Christian institutions under attack.

In San Juan de Cuyo, mobs burned Pope Francis in effigy before dancing demonically around the fire.

Will the violence of the rampaging feminist/lesbians keep left-leaning Internet bloggers from putting Marxist words into the Pontiff’s mouth?

The message the radical feminists tried to write in the sand was: “The only enlightening Church is a burning Church”.

Ironically, the message that will  endure comes instead from watching the remarkable courage and stoicism of the 1,500 who  continued fervently praying The Rosary while their screaming tormentors assaulted, spat upon and cursed them.

CREDIT TO:  Judi McLeod / Canada Free Press

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