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Secession Movement Spreads Across U.S.

November 26, 2013

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Though a significant number of Texans have discussed the possibility of seceding  from the U.S., the idea never really gained much traction outside of the Lone Star  State. Apparently ahead of the curve, many disgruntled residents of the  state have decried the federal government’s increasingly meddlesome role in  individuals’ lives for several years.

As Barack Obama’s disastrous second term continues to drag America through  the doldrums, however, the ideas of smaller government and more liberty has  unsurprisingly enjoyed a renaissance.

Conservatives in states like Colorado have joined in the effort by proposing a split from  the more liberal ideals espoused by its leaders. Seeking to distance themselves  from relaxed drug laws, increased gun control, and other leftist initiatives,  the secession debate continues throughout the Rockies.

At least eight counties in the state are involved in the proposal, which U.S.  Rep. Cory Gardner said is based on frustration over recent legislative  oversteps.

“The governor and his Democrat colleagues in the statehouse have assaulted  our way of life,” he explained, “and I don’t blame these people one bit for  feeling attacked and underrepresented by the leaders of our state.”

In recent days, the topic has received attention in another state dominated  by progressive policy. A number of Maryland residents joined together to discuss the  possibility of creating a Western Maryland consisting of five counties within  the state.

This movement similarly addresses the negative effect leftism has had on  citizens. According Scott Strzelcyk, who in heading the initiative, residents in  these Republican-leaning counties want an “amicable divorce” from the rest of  the state.

As America continues its leftward slide into tyranny, more and more patriots  are rising up to speak out against it. The mainstream media eagerly describes  any criticism of the Obama administration as unabashed racism, though the vast  majority of those advocating for secession are not the least bit concerned with  inconsequential issues such as skin color.

They are far more worried about restoring this nation’s former greatness.

CREDIT TO:  B. Christopher Agee / The Western Center For Journalism

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