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Attack On 1st Amendment Rights Nearly Leads To Riot In Dallas Texas

November 22, 2013

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This afternoon, Friday November 22, 2013 a group of protesters and police peacefully faced off at Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas. The protesters, lead by Alex Jones, were there to pay their respects to John F. Kennedy who was assassinated on November 22, 1963, and to protest the cover up that followed. The official story of President Kennedy’s murder, pointed to a lone gunman that shot and killed JFK.

Over the years facts and testimony pointed more and more to at least two shooters. The evidence that had been uncovered also indicated that John Kennedy’s murder was an inside job.

Jones and his supporters believe without a doubt Kennedy’s murder was a setup. Their goal was to shed light on three subjects. One, to show that John F Kennedy was about to shutdown the Fed and to correct the corruption that had taken hold within our government. Two, to show respect to a man who truly loved his nation. Three, to stand against the threats of arrest and intimidation if they chose to exercise their 1st Amendment rights of free speech….

The protest began peacefully and both the protesters and police worked together to maintain a cordial event. The ceremony held by the City Of Dallas and Mayor Mike Rawlings was brief and a little bazaar, but ended without incident. That is until the DHS and a hand picked squad of Sheriff’s Deputies arrived…

The Sheriff’s Deputies told the Dallas Police to move aside and allow the group of protesters into a specified area. Once the protesters entered the area the Sheriff’s Deputies began to push and hit the peaceful crowd. The Deputies even pushed a father while his young daughter was sitting on his shoulders, which could have caused him to fall and possibly severally injuring his child…

Although the situation had become extremely volatile, the crowd kept their cool. Because of the protesters level headed thinking, and the fact that a 1st Amendment Rights group had abruptly made their appearance at just the right moment, caused the DHS’s hired thugs to back off. The good news is, everyone went home to their families with maybe a bruise or two or three but never the less, safe…

Alex Jones and various other protesters fully intend to file reports against the Sheriff’s Department and DHS. Civil action was also mentioned by Mr. Jones. I agree, this type of action is long overdue from the American people.

Word of advice; Don’t mistake the difference between standing up for your rights and being a trouble maker. Standing your ground while defending your rights is NOT causing trouble, you are merely fighting for what God gave you. No man can take these rights from you.

FOLLOW UP VIDEO: November 23, 2013

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