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Texas Cops Detaining Individuals for DNA Samples

November 20, 2013

By now, Freedom Outpost readers have read about forced  blood draws in Georgia to gain evidence against those suspected of drunk  driving.  Articles about New Mexico police forcing two men to undergo body  cavity searches and forced  medical procedures have been published on the site, along with reports of a  woman being stripped  searched during arrest for drunk driving, as well as roadside  invasive body cavity probes by police during  routine traffic stops.  These gross violations of Americans’ Fourth and  Fifth Amendment rights are occurring across the country.  If it were only a few  incidences, one could attribute it to rogue officers.  However, at the rate  these reports are surfacing, one can assume these violations are policy among  the various law enforcement agencies involved.

If you don’t believe we are living in a police state, devoid of our Fourth  and Fifth Amendment rights, the  detainment of individuals in Fort Worth, Texas, for breath samples, cheek  swabs,  saliva and blood might just change your mind.  No, these individuals  were  not stopped for routine traffic violations.  The Fort Worth Police  Department  established roadblocks and detained individuals to obtain samples of  their body  fluids and tissues for a government research study to determine the  number of  individuals who drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

4298417871_19a0617f74According  to The  Blaze, “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reportedly  spending $7.9 million on the survey over three years and claims participation  was ‘100 percent voluntary’ and anonymous.”

However, one driver, Kim Cope, reported that it didn’t feel voluntary.  Cope  told NBC  DFW that “it doesn’t seem right that you can be forced off the road when  you’re not doing anything wrong.”

Cope said she tried to gesture to one of the officers to continue on her way,  but she was forced into a parking spot instead.  She was shocked when the  officers asked for a cheek swab and a blood sample.  Cope did say payment was  being offered for the samples – $10 for a cheek swab and $50 for a blood  sample.  She ended up doing a breathalyzer test, which was not reimbursable, in  order to  be done faster.

The government wants to calculate the number of individuals who drive under  the influence of alcohol or drugs so they ask for samples that can be used to  map an individual’s DNA to do it; but, not to worry, it’s voluntary and they’ll  pay you.  Forcing someone off the road to obtain these samples is anything but  voluntary.  The government has now decided that Americans can be used as test  subjects for a three year study, at their whim, while the samples they gather  can be used to map DNA and establish a DNA database of Americans.  It’s not  tattooing a number on your arm but it is a way of identifying Americans through  a national database.

This is not a medical study to test a new drug that might be beneficial to  managing or curing a disease or illness.  The NHTSA did not advertise for test  subjects to participate in the random sampling nor does it seem that citizens  were informed they might be detained by law enforcement to ask for body fluid  samples for their “research” survey.  Why would they?  The government now views  your body as belonging to them since it has dispensed with the Fourth and Fifth  Amendment of the Constitution.

When inquiries were directed to the FWPD, spokesman Sgt. Kelly Peel issued  this statement, “We are reviewing the actions of all police personnel involved  to ensure that FWPD policies and procedures were followed.  We apologize if any  of our drivers and citizens were offended or inconvenienced by the NHTSA  National Roadside Survey.”

Well, that makes me feel so much better.  The Fort Worth Police Department  are reviewing their policies and procedures to make sure their officers’  actions  were compliant.  One might assume from this statement, the FWPD has a  policy and  procedure in place to allow violation of the Fourth Amendment.

NBC  DFW discovered that a government contractor, the Pacific Institute for  Research and Evaluation, based out of Maryland, conducted the survey.   Questions  about this “survey” were referred to the NHTSA by the institute  spokeswoman, who  refused to speak with the news organization.

According to Fort Worth attorney Frank Colossi, the roadblock was more than  likely unconstitutional since “you can’t just be pulled over randomly for no  reason.”

In an America where the Constitution is the law of the land, Colossi’s  statement is accurate; however, the government and law enforcement agencies,  after visiting the Constitutional buffet, have decided they don’t like the  Fourth Amendment so they just won’t put it on their plate.  Citizens will  express outrage but will still participate out of fear of retribution or to be  on their way faster.  Does any of this sound familiar?  If not, study the Rise  of the Third Reich or watch it on the History Channel.

When the article covering the forced blood draws in Georgia on suspected drunk drivers  appeared on Freedom Outpost, many individuals posted comments that supported  this practice while downing those who opposed it by basically accusing those  opposed to the practice of violating the law by driving drunk.  These are the  individuals in support of the government claiming ownership of your body and  support “unreasonable search and seizure” to justify catching violators of the  law.  Remember, the liberal progressives know what’s best for you despite the  irrefutable evidence of unalienable rights endowed upon man by God and believe  the Constitution is out of date and should be rewritten.

Being forced to relinquish your God-given rights because of fear of  retaliation is the modus operandi of the police state.  This violation was  disguised as an innocent survey; however, it is anything but innocent.  This  country is getting closer to a blatant police state as the government becomes  more emboldened in their actions.

If after all of this, you still don’t believe we are in a police state,  albeit a subtle one, then please tell me what it will take to convince you that  our God-given rights have been being usurped by government?

CREDIT TO:  Suzanne Hamner / Freedom Outpost

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