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Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Administration Bullies Israel Into Making “Peace Deal” With Palestinian Jihadists

November 8, 2013

By: Janna Brock

In a display of sheer bully tactics, the Obama Muslim Brotherhood  Administration is using brute force to try to broker a “peace” deal with the  “Palestinian” Islamic jihadists. This is making a deal with the Devil and the  Obama Administration knows it. It is the ultimate betrayal to Israel and also a  sign that the Islamists in the White House care nothing about America’s Jewish  allies. Still worse, “Palestinian” students at Al-Quds  University in Jerusalem have been calling for genocide. The Obama  Administration is out for blood, and it’s not Muslim blood. They aim to destroy  Israel.

john-kerry_2630483bThe  Obama Muslim Brotherhood Administration is nothing but a group of thugs  bullying  America’s chief Middle East ally into a suicidal peace deal. It will  never work,  but that is beside the point. They are traitors to this nation’s  treasured  Israeli allies and proof that the poison of Islam has infiltrated all  areas of  American political life.

Secretary of State John Kerry’s tone has turned threatening over the last  several days. In a display of sheer arrogance and brutality, he has warned  Israel that if they do not accept a “peace deal” with the murderous Palestinian  jihadists, that there will be a “third   intifada.”  John Kerry is inviting  the Palestinians to attack Israel.

The most sickening part of it is that Israel is being sucker punched by  the Obama Administration, bullied into making “concessions,” while the Islamic  jihadists camping out in Gaza can do whatever they want.

Kerry  said, “The alternative to getting back to the talks is the potential of chaos.  Does Israel want a third intifada?…I believe that if we do not resolve the  issues between Palestinians and Israelis, if we do not find a way to find  peace,  there will be an increasing isolation of Israel, three will be an  increasing  campaign of the de-legitimization of Israel that has been taking  place on an  international basis.”

This is insanity. The mere mention of an intifada is akin to being shot in  the back by a trusted friend. The United States is signaling its solidarity  with  the Muslim world, in uniting against Israel. This is open warfare, and  Obama’s  minions will provide the weapons for the Islamic jihadists.

While openly threatening Israel with jihad for building more settlements, “Palestinian”  students in Jerusalem are calling for Israeli genocide. Instead of calling  out the Islamists for their terrorist threats, Kerry ignores them.

At  the Palestinian Al-Quds University in Jerusalem students were seen proudly  displaying Nazi-like salutes, calling for the genocide of Israel’s Jewish  population, and honoring terrorists as martyrs for their  cause.

The  student group was representing the greater Islamic Jihad organization in the  Palestinian territories that has been labeled a terrorist organization by the  United States and EU. While it is predominantly a Sunni organization, Islamic  Jihad maintains strong ties along with financial backing from Israel’s primary  geopolitical enemy and known state sponsor of terrorist activities throughout  the globe: Iran.

26326899_ObamaMuslimBrotherhood_xlargeNow  it is coming together. The Obama Muslim Brotherhood Administration has deep  ties  to Sunnis. The Muslim Brotherhood is Sunni, and Israel’s most lethal enemy in the region is Iran. Though Iran  is predominately Shia, their mutual goal for the annihilation of Israel is  the tie that binds Sunnis and Shias together. In a Sunni dominated region,  Iran’s involvement is made clear.

The United States is playing a dangerous game, but there is no naivete here.  The Obama Administration is willfully and openly displaying its hostility  toward  Israel. Israel is the pawn for the American tyrant in chief.

Israel has been in a war for survival since the day it was born on May 15,  1948. American Administrations have been actively involved in the fatally  flawed  “peace” process for almost as long, and Israel’s enemies have been  warring  against her from the start.

The Obama Administration’s tactics show a vicious hatred for Israel. Though  no administration has been perfect, and several have forced Israel to make  ridiculous concessions, Obama’s careless disregard for Israel is on par with  Islam’s desire to wipe the nation off the map.

Here in lies the truth: the Obama Administration is pushing an Islamic agenda  and bullying Israel into an accord that will never be honored by the  “Palestinian peace partners.”

Secretary  Kerry’s denouncement of Israel’s settlement building activities received  international attention, praised by the New York Times as Kerry’s  first  step towards playing a more “muscular” role towards Israel’s “right-wing”  and  “volatile element.” By contrast, the Al-Quds University demonstration of  openly  fascist, genocidal overtures remained largely unreported outside of the  Pro-Israel blogosphere.

While  the Secretary of State was finishing up berating Israeli Prime Minister  Benjamin  Netanyahu for letting his citizens build homes, Kerry remarked in a  news  interview prior to departing for Jordan, “I mean, does Israel want a third  intifada?”

The Obama Muslim Brotherhood Administration takes an open shot at Israel. “E  Tu, Brute?”

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