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November 3, 2013



The Constitution guarantees to every State a Republican form of Government which gives each State equal standing when Calling for a Convention.

Article IV, Section 4  – United States Constitution  –

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, . . . ” State Legislatures can reclaim the economic and moral high ground in America.  We can reclaim our economy and Constitutional heritage through “Single Issue” Amendment Conventions one grievance at a time.  Enforcement clauses in each proposed Amendment gives State Legislatures the authority to prosecute violators of the Amendment’s provisions in State Courts.  Elected officials, government workers and other individuals will have no immunity from criminal prosecution if they intentionally violate the mandates in the Amendment.  Join us in America’s most critical battle for our Constitutional Republic.

34 States are needed to make a Call on Congress to convene the Sovereignty and States Rights Amendment Convention; 26 States are needed to approve our Delegate Resolution that will make the Convention Safe, Predictable and Successful, and 38 States are need to ratify. Only 51% of State legislators in the State Legislatures needed to win. Time line will be a very aggressive 12 months. We don’t need millions of supporters, only State/Legislative Directors in 34 States. We are presently active in about 15 States.

Charles Kacprowicz:

FYI: The Call is not defined by Congress. Congress is not empowered, it is required to convene a Convention when 34 States make their Calls. The moment State Legislatures allow Congress to decide what their sovereignty is under Article V they will lose. Only State Legislatures are sovereign under Article V. The purpose of the Call for a Convention is not for the State Legislatures to ask Congress’ permission to convene a Convention, it is to order Congress to convene a Convention. Sovereign States Legislatures then define the agenda, terms and conditions at the Convention. The Delegates sent are Ambassadors of their Legislatures, they are not free agents as some have foolishly advocated for nearly 40 years have paralyzing Conservatives from protecting our Constitution.
The Sovereignty and States Rights Amendment Convention is simply to tell Congress how the Convention will adhere to “proposing” Amendments in Article V. The Call is not for a Constitutional Convention which in fact is prohibited under Article V.

State by State Signature download and print

(NOTE:  Print out your States pages in English or Spanish, if needed blank pages either in English or Spanish) fill it out and sign them mail them using the address at the bottom of the signature page.  ( Please make sure  all areas are filled out complete and signed before you mail in a flat letter size envelope. )

Blank Signature Page English Version – (Directions:  Please enter your State in the blank spaces on the sheet provided; and be sure to sign and date the sheet and mail back to the address on the bottom of the page.  The document is in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format).   Please click on the document here  Blank Petition Signature Page 


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