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Scientists Blast Obama’s Global Warming Myth: You’re Basing Politics on Faulty Computer Models Rather than Science

November 2, 2013

On Friday, Obama signed an executive order that instructs federal agencies to  work with state and local governments to boost preparations for the impact of  global warming.  Obama’s war on coal has threatened one sixth of America’s  electrical output by placing 150 coal-burning power plants on the chopping  block  – all due to global warming.  Citing global warming has already having an  effect  on communities and public health across the nation, Obama directed  infrastructure projects to take into consideration future climate conditions  which naturally could result in a higher price tag for new projects or repairs  to already existing structures.


However, new  scientific evidence has surfaced that “the solar activity is decreasing at the  fastest rate as anytime in the last 10,000 years.”

Environmentalist Lawrence Solomon wrote in the Financial Post, “Now an  increasing number of scientists are swinging back to the thinking of the 1960s  and 1970s.  The global cooling hypothesis may have been right after all, they  say Earth may be entering a new Little Ice Age.”

The  Daily Caller reported:

Solomon adds that Columbia University’s George Kukla – who warned the US  government about the dangers of global cooling in 1972 – postulated that  “global  warming always precedes an ice age … The warming we saw in the 1980s  and 1990s,  in other words, was expected all along, much as the calm before the  storm.”

Recently, scientists have been looking to solar activity as a predictor  of world climate.  Low solar activity has been connected with cold periods in  human history, while high levels of solar activity have been connected with  warming periods, like the one from the 1950s to 1998.

The United Nation’s climate authority has tried to downplay the influence  of solar activity on the Earth’s climate, but climate scientists have been more  assertive that the sun plays a role in affecting global  temperatures.

According to Dr. Judith Curry, chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric  Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology, the public debate is moving away  from the 15-17 year pause and toward the cooling since 2002.

Professor Cliff Ollier of the School of Earth and Environmental Studies at  the University of Western Australia indicates a correlation between sunspots  and  climate change.   Prof. Ollier postulated earlier this year that the sun  was the  major controller of the climate.

According to Ollier, “Solar cycles provide a basis for prediction.  Solar  Cycle 24 has started and we can expect serious cooling.  Many think that  political decisions about climate are based on scientific predictions, but what  politicians get are projections based on computer models.”

Scientists from Russia and the UK are also positing global cooling based on  Solar Cycle 24.  Habibullo Abdussamatov of the Russian Academy of Science  expects global cooling to begin as early as 2014 with another “Little Ice Age”  in 2055.  Professor Mike Lockwood of Reading University predicts a “Little Ice  Age” for Northern Europe because of the decline in solar activity.

Prof. Lockwood bases his postulation on the examination of certain isotopes  contained in ice core samples, indicating how active the sun has been over the  last thousands of years.  Lockwood believes the sun is declining in activity  “more rapidly than at any time in the last 10,000 years.”

The last Little Ice Age occurred in the 1600s and coincided with an inactive  sun, called the Maunder solar minimum.  According to Don Easterbrook, professor  emeritus of geology as Western Washington University, the earth has been  thawing  out for the last 400 years.

Easterbrook states, “So the warming we saw, which lasted only from 1978 to  1998, is something that is predictable and expectable.  When the ocean changed  temperatures, global cooling is almost a slam dunk.  You can expect to find  about 25 to 30 years yet ahead of us before it starts to warm up again. It  might  be even more than that.”

So, scientists studying solar activity and the sun along with isotopes from  ice core samples have identified a cycle correlating warming and cooling  periods  of the earth with the solar cycle.  These correlations are based on  actual  observation and study, not a computer model whose predictions are based  on  information supplied by scientists who cannot identify all variables to  enter  into the equation.  The computer model information then becomes faulty,  inaccurate and cannot satisfy the requirements for the scientific method.   Model  prediction versus observational, data gathering analysis is a no win  scenario  for model prediction.

Since Obama has declared “global warming/climate change” a dire threat to the  US – a threat that must be acted on immediately – all other scientific data  opposing the big myth of global warming is ignored.  It is ignored because it  does not meet the political agenda.

The identification of solar cycles leading to periods of warming and cooling  flies in the face of Obama’s agenda to cripple the United States.  If these  postulations are correct, instead of destroying one sixth of America’s  electrical output, measures should be taken to secure electrical output.   America should sustain dependable energy sources instead of chasing the pipe  dream of “renewable energy.”  America should be working to increase its  security  from invasion, shore up its economy and stimulate job growth and  independence of  its people.  This is not done by expanding federal government,  but holding it to  its constitutional limits with the possibility of dismantling  unconstitutional  agencies and declaring null and void strangling regulations  based on controlling  businesses and the citizenry.

This administration and Congress would rather cripple this nation’s  resources, by stalling a pipeline project and destroying the coal industry, to  make Americans more dependent on the government – the more people that are  dependent on the government, the easier they are to control.  If the government  controls resources, such as water and electricity, an entire community could be  deprived of resources to bring it in line with the government agenda.   The  theoretical myth of global warming accomplishes this whereas the cyclical  climate trend of the earth caused by solar activity does not.

By ignoring these scientific facts on solar activity and ice core samples,  Obama is demonstrating hard headed, stubborn, narcissistic and dictatorial  behavior.  He supports a lie instead of the truth.  It isn’t a far stretch to  see that last statement as fact.  Every time he opens his mouth to speak, an  entire repertoire of lies is forthcoming; Obama lives a lie.  To him, a lie is  truth as long as you can hide the facts, berate others who bring forth the  facts, and hypnotize a population of low intellect individuals.  A lie benefits  an agenda to where the end justifies the means.

As I learned as a child, if you tell one lie, you have to tell another to  prop it up; then, you have to keep telling lies to prop up all the previous  ones.  At that point, you have built a house of cards that comes tumbling down  at the slightest of disturbances.  Lies end up catching up to the liar as it is  harder to remember what lies you have told than it is to tell the truth; truth  does not change.  The point eventually comes when there are no more lies to  tell  and the house of cards cannot stand; the lies then become the card that  topples  the house.


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