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Barack Obama’s DHS Advisor Mohamed Elibiary: “America is an Islamic Country

October 31, 2013

I was alerted earlier today on Facebook that Barack Obama’s Muslim  Brotherhood member and Department of Homeland Security advisor Mohamed Elibiary  has claimed that the United States is an Islamic Country.  Perhaps, he thinks  so  because he is a Muslim Brotherhood member and an Islamist, Barack Obama, is  the  President.  Well I have news for him.

Mohamed Elibiary

Mohamed Elibiary

Friends of, I cannot be silent, nor politically correct when it comes  to  this issue, so I will state it openly:  Barack Obama and Mohamed Elibiary  are  engaging in taqiyya.  They are deceiving the American people about Islam.   They  are deceiving them about our history.


Granted, there are many that could claim that our Founders, at least many of  them were of the Masonic persuasion, rather than specifically Christian (For  more on this, I recommend Dr. Gary North’s Conspiracy in Philadelphia, which  you  can download for free by clicking  here), but that does not take away from the Christian, not Islamic,  heritage  of America.

Mohamed Elibiary is described as:

Mohamed Elibiary is the founder of Lone Star Intelligence, LLC.  He  has advised numerous federal, state and local law enforcement organizations on  homeland security-related matters.  In 2009 he was acknowledged in a  Congressional Research Service report for advising the Information Sharing  Environment Program Management Office on the Nationwide Suspicious Activity  Reporting Initiative.  In 2010 he testified before Congress on “Working  with Communities to Disrupt Terror Plots.”  In 2011 he was awarded the  Louis E. Peters Memorial Award, the FBI’s highest public service award for “his  extraordinary contributions to specific cases in support of the FBI’s  counterterrorism mission.”  In 2012 the Office of the Federal Public  Defender, a division of the U.S. Court, recognized Mohamed for his “tremendous  service” leveraging his Homegrown Violent Extremism expertise in the United  States vs. Daniel Patrick Boyd counter-terrorism case.

I was unable for some reason to embed Elibiary’s tweet, or mine for that  matter (You can access my  Twitter, as well as  Elibiary’s by clicking the blue links.  So here is a screenshot:

1452406_759354187412178_662483307_n I further commented on Facebook here.

I called him out on engaging in taqiyya, just as Janna Brock did on his support  of the Muslim Brotherhood, which led to his removing  the R4BIA from his Twitter account.  Elibiary is a coward and demonstrated  that by removing the symbol from his Twitter account because of pressure.  I  will not back away from my claims that he is an Islamist and all those of the  Muslim Brotherhood are as well.  They have over a 1,400 year track record,  following in the footsteps of their non-prophet Mohammed, the murdering,  thieving pedophile.

I told Elibiary he was engaging in taqiyya, and he knew it.  I also pointed  out that I have addressed the true founding of this country with the  Mayflower Compact, which he had no explanation for.  Facts are stubborn  things.

Elibiary, like all Islamists, promote the teachings of a pedophile, and I  pointed that out.  Mohamed Elibiary, along with Barack Obama, all members of  the  Mulism Brotherhood and those who espouse Islam in our government, should be  tried as traitors and when found guilty  of treason, executed under the law.

Is my desire that they be executed?  No.  My desire is that they would come  to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and that they would repent, but  seeing  that they are more concerned with advancing their caliphate and not the  best  interests of the United States, then I see no alternative for them.  This  man  certainly does not belong in a position in which he advises on Homeland  Security.

In fact, notice his tweet.  He says that the law of the land is an  “Islamically compliant constitution.”

Really?  Then pray tell Mohamed, who is the Lord mentioned in the “Year of  our Lord” at the end of the Constitution?  Is it Allah?  Is it Mohammed?  No,  it’s the risen Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is our Lord, but you  refer  to him as only a prophet, and a bastard child at that!  Your prophet is  dead and  your god, Allah, is a perversion of the true and living God.

Additionally, if our constitution is Islamically compliant, then why is your  boss’ federal attorney threatening people with prosecution and imprisonment for  pointing out the truth about Islam, something they clearly do not have  authority to do under the First Amendment of the very constitution you are  claiming as your own?  Furthermore, why aren’t you calling out people like Bill  Killian who is intimidating Americans with regard to Freedom of Speech?  It  really isn’t too Islamic compliant, is it?

In fact, Elibiary’s claims strike me as such outright lying, that I am  compelled to challenge him.  Mr. Elibiary, I challenge you to debate, very open  and public to demonstrate your claims that the United States is Islamic and her  Constitution are Islamic compliant.  I challenge you anywhere, anytime to put  your money where your mouth is and let’s see who really knows their history.   Let’s see who is speaking for their lying prophet and who is willing to engage  in an honest view of America’s history. (This challenge has been tweeted to Mr.  Elibiary.  We’ll see if he will play the man and respond.)

Our founding  fathers fought Mohammedans like you and your boss.  Our veterans have  fought  communist sympathizers and Marxists in both World Wars and Vietnam, like  those  in the Obama administration.  I challenge you Sir to an open debate.  If  you are  not willing to deal with it openly and in a public forum where we can  speak,  then perhaps you might want to engage here on Freedom Outpost.  Either  way, I  challenge you to man up!  Stop hiding behind your Twitter account and  provide  the evidence to back up your claims.  Until then, you are nothing more  than a  mouthpiece for a fascist “religion” that is founded on the teachings of  a demon  possessed pedophile.

CREDIT TO:  TIM BROWN / Freedom Outpost

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  1. Our great country, our rights, and our blood bought freedoms are in grave danger because of ignorance and evil.  Way way too similar to Nazi Germany! Chicago gangland tactics in the Whitehouse! What contemptible low life scum and villainy the National Socialist Democrat party and their deceitful lapdog liberal media have put into power with their ignorance, voter fraud, and Islamosocialism! Far worse when they get such scum elected as RINOs!!

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  2. My suggestion to Mr Elibiary is not to count his chickens just yet, maybe leave the farm while the getting is good !

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