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To The American Constabulary: Uphold THE Law of Our Land or Throw Down Your Badges

October 28, 2013



My son was with the Police Department of a large southern California city for  several years, and that certainly does not make me an authority on the subject  of police departments, and having a number of friends in several other police  organizations does about the same.  However, being ex-military, I do have   some understanding of a “chain of command” and a  hierarchy structure of authorities.
When I pulled guard duty as a  teenager in Vietnam, we were always given daily relevant “general orders” which  were typically prefaced by a brief description of recent enemy activities and  such.  But as every soldier knows (or at least used to know), there is a  structure of “orders” or “regulations” and such that could never be negated by  any “general order”; things like the Geneva Convention of 1949 or   the Military Oath of Enlistment AND The Constitution of The United  States. texas dps Police  departments around the world are often referred to as “para-military”  organizations and large police departments typically have units that are  trained  in exactly the same mode as our military “special operations” type  organizations.
For the record, I would like to point out that I live in  Las Vegas, Nevada which has – based on my observations and opinion – has one of  the finer police forces in the nation when one takes into consideration our  demographics – the very, very rich, those who will never be rich (financially)  and that ever decreasing population in the middle who struggle every day to  avoid being among the very, very poor (financially). Throw in the dynamics of  our lovely city – forty one million (41,000,000) visitors a year at our peak  and  you have one monumental task.
During the recent massive attacks on  the  Second Amendment by the Communist Regime currently in power, I did some  quiet  probing of the various police organizations in which I have friends. The  regime  in Washington might be surprised and may truly be terrified if they  realized  just how many police organizations stand with We The People via the  Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers  Association and the Oath  Keepers.
A friend of mine, from an organization that I once  belonged to, made me aware of a recent  video taken in Austin Texas that was far more disturbing than what I  expected. This video (seen below) is  somewhat lengthy (16:30) and the relevant section begins at about  7:30 into the video which gets somewhat “salty” the longer it  runs.

WARNING: Strong Language My grandmother always told me  that “foul language” was the last resort when people had nothing intelligent to  say and although not intelligent per se, in this case it does communicate the  frustration and anger of the people involved in this incident.
Those doing the majority  of the talking / shouting are quoting Texas Penal Code; something that the  local  constabulary should at least be familiar with. The people of Texas have a  right  to be upset over the conduct of those sworn to “serve and protect”. It  would  appear that the police officers involved in this incident chose to do  neither.
I say  this  to all peace officers across this nation:

As the current regime increases the tenor of its propaganda machine  and its lap dog the Attorney General continues to dance on the ashes of our  Constitution YOU will inevitably be placed in the unenviable  position standing on the line; that line which cannot be straddled. Taking the  position of blindly “enforcing the law” is equivalent to “just following  orders”; a non-defense as every officer of the law knows. Recent history  pertaining to crimes committed by those in uniform at Abu Ghraib prison  resulted  in those on the forefront of the issue subjected to court martial and  prison  time while those in the command structure received no more than a letter  of  reprimand in their files (wink, wink). And so it always is  and  so it always shall be..
Every jurisdiction has its own “flavor” of  an  Oath of Office for those who have earned the privilege to wear the badge of  a  police officer. And although there may be variations, many if not most  resemble  this one:

“I (your name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that  I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the  Constitution and laws of the state of xxxxxx and that I will bear true faith  and  allegiance to the same, and defend them against enemies, foreign and  domestic,  and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of a  police  officer to the best of my ability – so help me  God.”

Hopefully some will recognize that oath and remember the pride they  felt when they took that oath and shouldered the responsibility for all the  world to see: the badge of an officer of the law.

The law.
Like the  military Oath of Enlistment, the first objective  stated in a police officer’s Oath of Office like the one above is  to defend the Constitution. A friend of mine in a  California police organization used to spend every evening studying the  California Penal Code as it applied to his job, and it must have paid dividends  given his current lofty position in that organization.
If one’s purpose  is to honorably and honestly support the law and to defend our Constitution,  then one must do as my friend did and study that document. And just as “case  law” carries significant weight in the court of law, so it is true with our  Constitution. And the “case law” for our Constitution is “The  Federalist Papers” which documents the deep and long (nearly a year)  conversation between the framers of our Constitution in which they discussed  the  strengths and weaknesses of nearly every form of tyranny man has ever  visited  upon his fellow man. Once you fully understand the “case law”, then   read the law – our Constitution. Then read it  again.
And then in the privacy of your mind, in full view  of your friends and family and your God if you have one –   YOU decide: Which side of the line will   you come down on should this nation continue to slide  into the abyss?
If you choose to stand by your oath to defend our  Constitution and stand with those you swore to “protect and serve”, then   We The People will stand with you – shoulder to  shoulder. And if you choose to duck the honor, privilege, and  responsibility of that oath then at least be honest about it and  throw down your badge and remove all your patches and proudly bear the patch  and  symbol of what you will have then become: a  member  of The New American Gestapo:

Credit To: Darwin Rockantansky / Freedom Outpost



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