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Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Violence & Bloodshed as Mohammad Morsi Goes on Trial for Inciting Murder

October 28, 2013

Obama backs these savages. He is on a jihad to destroy freedom in the Middle  East and Africa.  The media’s silence or re-framing of another one of Obama’s  foreign policy disasters further disarms the American people for what’s coming.

Obama is making an enemy of Egypt, a once reliable ally. Recently, he suspended hundred of millions in  military and other aid to punish the people of Egypt for  throwing off the yoke of Islamic tyranny by the Muslim Brotherhood.

obama supports terrorism  Who  can forget Obama’s campaign promise of refurbishing America’s image across  the world and how determined he was to establish good relationships with  foreign governments? Instead, he has made an enemy of almost every good ally  the  US has. Media coverage on this aspect of his failed presidency remains  non-existent.

Our 30-year relationship with our most critical ally in the Middle East  (outside of Israel) is DOA, and TIME magazine is whistling past the graveyard  in  their “reportage” of this groundbreaking and terrible development. Obama is  backing the vicious Muslim Brotherhood and punishing the people of Egypt for  not  submitting to Islamic supremacist tyranny.

“Egypt Islamists call for protests over Morsi trial” Daily Star:

CAIRO: Supporters of deposed Islamist President Mohammad  Morsi have called on Egyptians to hold mass protests on Nov. 4, the day he  goes on trial for inciting murder, raising the prospect of more bloodshed as  the  country’s political crisis drags on.

The trial could further inflame tensions between Morsi’s Muslim  Brotherhood and the army-backed government and deepen the instability that  has decimated tourism and investment in the most populous Arab  state.

Army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi overthrew Morsi in July after  mass protests against his rule and announced a political roadmap he said would  lead to free and fair elections.

Backers of Morsi, Egypt’s first freely elected president, say his removal  was a coup, reversing the gains of the popular uprising which toppled  autocrat Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

“The Alliance notes that the coup organizers would like to break the people’s  and the revolution’s will by trying Dr. Mohammad Morsi, the President of the  Republic, and his associates, this coming November 4th,” a pro-Mursi grouping  that includes the Brotherhood said in a statement.

“The Alliance also calls on all free people in Egypt and abroad to  stand by the revolutionary will opposing the military coup, and that all  activities should be – as they always have been – within peaceful bounds that  define our methods and strategy.”

A judge has said Morsi and other Brotherhood members have been charged with  “inciting the killing and torture of protesters in front of the Etihadeya  (presidential) palace”.

Credit To: Pamela Geller / Freedom Outpost

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