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Organization of Islamic Cooperation Seeks to Silence Free Speech Globally Beginning With the US

October 24, 2013

To secure the Muslim worlds common interests, the Organization  of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has formed  a new MEDIA advisory committee to foster the creation of international laws  criminalizing the criticism of Islam. In other words, Muslim countries want  to criminalize and silence free speech globally.

 Organization of Islamic CooperationIn  case you did not know, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, “the  collective voice of the Muslim world” is the largest international  organization outside the United Nations. The primary target of proposed OIC  international blasphemy laws is the United States of America.

The OIC Media Forum’s headquarters is in Istanbul, Turkey. Last month, the  OIC announced it would be holding regular conferences to strategize media,  legal  and political efforts and instituting an aggressive campaign to correct  the  worlds view of Islam aimed at combating global Islamaphobic speech.

Apparently, the West’s disdain for Islamic terrorism, the reporting of  genocide against global Christian communities and attempts to keep the public  aware of the ongoing human rights abuses by Muslim governments is leaving an  undesirable black mark on the so-called religion of peace.

The Organization of Islamic cooperation—and its 57 member states–has many  objectives. All of the OIC’s goals are focused on the dominance of Islam and  the  shaping of international law to promote social, economic, cultural,  scientific,  and political and human rights that conform to Sharia or Quranic  Law.

Under the tutelage of organizations like the Council on American-Islamic  Relations (CAIR) and their Muslim Brotherhood operatives, President Barrack  Hussein Obama, is keeping an open mind to the adaptation of OIC anti-Islamophia  laws, which would make it a crime to disparage Islam for their rampant  persecution, torture and murder of the Global Christian community.

This should not come as a great surprise to an America where our government  is censoring media reports of acts of Islamic terror, purging references to  Jihad and the term Islamic terrorists from terrorism training manuals and is  now  openly characterizing Christianity and Patriotism as dangerous extremism.

Right wing extremists, myself included, may  soon find ourselves arrested and charged as an Islamaphobe, if, we do not  write favorably about Islamic female genital mutilation, honor killings, forced  marriages, suicide bombers and Christian genocide.

So where is the entire so-called moderate Muslims—I hear many myopic  Americans talking about—stand on Global Islamic leadership plans to  criminalize American free speech?

More importantly, where are those misguided Americans on the growing Islamic  influence at the United Nations. Perhaps they did not know that the  Organization  of Islamic Cooperation—the largest voting block at the United  Nations—is now  demanding a permanent seat on the U.N. Security council. That  is right folks,  the top 57 governments leading the Islamic world are demanding  a collective seat  at the international law making table.

United Nations Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu is in favor of granting  the Organization of Islamic Cooperation a seat a permanent seat on the U.N.  Security Council. I suspect President Obama also  favors this decision.

While our national discussion is consumed with a dysfunctional government  that could hit their butts with both hands, International influences a creepy  up  on America. Instead of glazing over when presented with facts of our future  subjugation, the time to start fighting back is now.

By the time many Americans pull, their heads from the sand there will only  two choices. Convert or die.

Credit To:  John DeMayo / Freedom Outpost



  1. mesa murry permalink

    Piss on those baby raping satanists!

  2. mesa murry permalink

    My Lord died for me! If I have to I will die proclaiming the name of Jesus and Trinity

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