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Obama’s EPA War on Coal Forces Shutdown of 60 Year Old Utah Coal Plant

October 24, 2013

The disastrous Obamacare website roll-out has taken center stage these days  as its many flaws exemplify the total ineptitude of the Washington “Obama-ites”  as they seek to force individual Americans to participate in a precursor of a  single-payer healthcare system.  Other problems facing the country remain  unresolved but fade from the limelight.  There are still no resolutions to Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA spying on all Americans, IRS targeting of conservative organizations, the Department of  Justice’s attempt to prohibit free speech by enacting penalties against those who  speak out against Islam, the targeting of  Fox News reporter James Rosen, the government   spying on AP reporters, Eric Holder being in contempt of Congress,  Kathleen Sebelius refusing to appear before Congress, and the continued war on  coal by the Obama administration.

Grand_Junction_Trip_92007_098The  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues its ever encroaching  regulations  on coal plants to decrease the effects of global warming/climate  change, which  the majority of the computer models predicting this global  disaster have proven  to be inaccurate at the very least.  Next  year, one of Utah’s oldest power plants will suffer a closure because of the  EPA’s costly mercury emission limiting regulations.

According to the Daily  Caller:

The Carbon Power Plant’s location inside a narrow canyon doesn’t give  plant operators enough room to install the necessary pollution control  technology required by the EPA.  Therefore, the plant will have to be closed  and  74 workers will lose their jobs.

“The way rules are being crafted there is a regulatory environment that  will cause a transition away from coal because of air-quality concerns,” said David Eskelson, spokesman for Rocky Mountain Power – the utility that runs the  plant.  “But that transition is going to be reasonably gradual.  We expect to  be  able to operate our coal plants to the end of their regulatory lives.”

Another Utah coal plant operated by the Intermountain Power Agency will  soon be shuttered as well as its customers in Southern California are requiring  energy to come from natural gas or renewable energy.

The necessary pollution control technology required by the EPA consists of  “filtration equipment called ‘baghouses’ and other features needed to remove  toxin-bearing particulates from the exhaust rising from the stacks” as reported  by The  Salt Lake Tribune.

Since 2010, there have been 150 coal-burning plants that have announced their  retirement equating to 58,000 megawatts of power or one-sixth of America’s  electrical output.  This can be attributed to pending environmental regulations  and numerous lawsuits filed by environmentalists, such as the Sierra Club.

Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, said, “Plant by plant  and community by community we are not only curbing our country’s carbon  pollution, but we are also saving lives.  The transition from coal to clean  energy can and will transform our economy by establishing a huge new sector of  good jobs that power our communities without poisoning our children.”

According to the Daily Caller, “The Clean Air Task Force claims that  shuttering the 150 coal plants will save 4,000 lives annually, prevent 6,200  heart attacks and 66,300 asthma attacks every year and avoid $1.9 billion in  health care costs.”

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Rocky Mountain Power’s coal-burning plants  account for 60 percent of its generating capacity with natural gas providing 12  percent, hydro and wind generating 8 percent each, and other renewables barely  registering.

The coal industry and some states are not taking this lying down.  They are  fighting back against the EPA’s coal plant regulations, bringing the issue to  the Supreme Court, who has promised to review the greenhouse gas emission  limits  on the power plants.

According to Laura Sheehan, spokeswoman for the American Coalition for Clean  Coal Electricity, America would be a very dark place if the Sierra Club has its  way.  Sheehan states, “Sierra Club seeks to permanently phase out coal from our  nation’s energy portfolio by 2030, even though coal powers nearly 40% of  America’s electricity, and its diminished use would result in dangerous  overreliance on natural gas, which is a ‘just in time’ source, piped in when  needed, and intermittent energy sources like renewables.”

Sheehan believes this is “nothing but a loss for the thousands of coal  communities” suffering from plant and mine shutdowns while the Sierra Club  claims victory.

Obamacare will devastate the health care industry, which is one sixth of the  economy, and now coal-burning plants closing leave one sixth of the electrical  output of America needing to be replaced by natural gas or renewables.  Is it a  coincidence that devastation is happening in sixths?

But, all in all, these closings will save 4000 lives annually and avoid $1.9  billion in health care costs.  Not to worry though, this will balance out by  the  thousands of lives lost due to Obamacare and the additional billions spent  on  “government cheese” insurance; not to mention, there will be thousands out  of  work.  However, this is solved by all the new jobs created through the use  of  natural gas or renewables.   Jobs are growing since 137,000 jobs were  created in  September to match the over 200,000 entering the workforce, with  over 40 million  now unemployed.  This is the liberal way of balancing the  scales.  The sarcasm  is strong today.

All of these EPA regulations resulting in plant closings and jobs lost are  based on the myth of global warming/climate change upheld by faulty computer  models generated by government employed scientists.  Let’s not forget that the  UN admits their computer models were faulty at a rate of 98%.  China is the  world’s largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions.  Funny, that does not  make  the news.  The UN nor any other country would dare approach China about  their  emissions and its effect on global warming/climate change.  My guess is  China  would tell the UN and other countries to mind their own business, take  their  faulty models and stick it where the sun don’t shine;  they aren’t bowing  to a  myth or any nation or entity, whether sovereign or not.

So, why does the US bow to a myth, encourage reliance on “renewables” and  cripple one sixth of America’s electrical output, not to mention the health  care  industry which is one sixth of the economy?  The answer to that question  is  multi-faceted, but the real question is which one sixth will be next to make  it  a 666 slam dunk.

Credit To: Suzanne Hamner / Freedom Outpost


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