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Hammer Blow to Face Didn’t Stop Dravko Gligoric’s Attack on Group Placing Crosses on Carolina Church

October 22, 2013

Church members at an unnamed house of worship in Charlotte, N.C., say that they were forced to lock themselves inside the building over the weekend when a man attacked and threatened to kill them. The chaotic scene has left at least one parishioner petrified to return to the church.

The incident purportedly unfolded while congregants were putting up new crosses during a special celebration outside the church. Dravko Gligoric, 52, allegedly approached a female member and began shouting at her.  

When others stepped in to defend the woman, they say the assailant became irate. So, the group called authorities and locked him out of the church, WSOC-TV reports.

But Gligoric was allegedly so angry and determined that he reportedly kicked in the door — and that’s when chaos truly unfolded. Congregants claim the assailant bit and punched anyone who tried to stop his attacks.

Even a hammer to the face purportedly didn’t halt Gligoric – and it inevitably took six men to hold him down before police arrived.

“He said, like I’m going to kill you all,” one woman who did not wish to be identified told WSOC-TV. “We all thought we were just going to get killed there and I was just screaming and crying for my life.”

She described Gligoric as “strong as a horse.”

The motivation for the crime is still unclear. The man had allegedly attended a church event in the past, but he was not a regular congregant.

Gligoric was arrested and charged with assault and battery, assault with deadly weapon and making threats. Bond was set at just $3,000.

Featured Image Credit: WSOC-TV

Credit To: Billy Hallowell / The Blaze 


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