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Ron Paul confirms U.S. empire will suddenly collapse like Soviet Union did

October 20, 2013

 (NaturalNews) Former U.S. Rep. Ron  Paul doesn’t seen a rosy future ahead for the United States. In fact, he sees a  repeat of recent history – though not U.S. history – on the horizon.


In  an interview with radio host Alex Jones, of InfoWars, Paul – who is a  physician by trade and has recently launched his own radio and television network – said he sees  the “bust coming soon.”

“They’re (Washington collectively) not going to  work their way out of it, so it’s just (all) going to collapse,” he said. “Let’s  just keep working on the fact that, when we get around to rebuilding this whole  entire system, that we do it the way it was intended originally, and actually  improve upon it.”

Less government, more freedom

Continuing,  Paul said, “I think the concept of liberty has advanced even since the time of  the founders, but we’ve regressed so desperately far from what they intended…  I think we should anticipate that, you know, in the future, in the next several  years, you’re going to see a big, big collapse, and then we have to talk about  what kind of a monetary policy, why we need to bring our troops home, why we  have to quit expanding the deficit every day, and raising these debt limits,  planning on total, socialized medicine – that all has to end, and it’s going to  end because it’s going to fail. I think we should anticipate that, and look at  it as an opportunity…”

He added, “Less government and more freedom is  what we need.”

Jones noted that many people believe the U.S. is headed  for history’s dustbin and that the country is currently in a death spiral, of  sorts. Only question now, he says, is when – and how it will  happen.

“It’s hard to predict the timing,” Paul said, “but I think I  agree with the assessment that it will end… I look at it like a building  standing [with] no foundation. It’s sort of sitting there and wobbling, but it  hasn’t crashed, and I think it will, because you know, the financial system is  so unstable, it’s totally based on debt, and confidence in the dollar and  confidence in the [Federal Reserve], that they’ll always print the right amount  of money and they’ll always keep the interest rates right, and they’ll always  bail out everybody that needs bailed out – which I think is a total  hoax…”

Paul says that the “big event could occur next week, it could  occur in five years from now,” but especially whenever the dollar is no longer  credible as a reserve – or primary – currency.

The physician-lawmaker  also said recent polling showing a distinct lack of trust by the American people  in their government was “a good thing.”

“Because that means that now  they’ll quit believing the government,” he told Jones. “I mean, they don’t trust  the government, they don’t believe the government, the government always lies to  them… whether its foreign policy or domestic policy.”

‘We’re  probably about in 1987…’

He referenced recent testimony by the  nation’s spy chiefs, in which they appear to have lied about the actual number  of terrorist plots thwarted by the NSA’s massive theft of Americans’ phone data,  as well as the existence of the program in the first place.

Paul said  “the system” we live in “was always assumed to be much healthier than it is  today.”

“But,” he continued, “just think how quickly the Soviet system  disappeared. I think that was the greatest miracle, or event at least, in the  twentieth century” that nobody saw coming.

“You know, the day before, the  month before, the year before, if someone would have said, ‘Oh, you know, next  year,’ the Soviet system would be gone, everybody would have considered that  person nuts. But it was fragile, and it fell apart, and quickly, and thank  goodness we didn’t have to have a nuclear war in order to get rid of the Soviet  system.

“We’re probably in 1987, where the Soviets were in ’87, in two  years they were gone,” he said.

Credit To:  Natural News


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