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Mitch McConnell’s Deal with the Devil: Senate Passes Deal to End Shutdown 81-18, House Passes 285-144

October 18, 2013

What is being dubbed as the McConnell-Reid deal has passed the Senate and  House and is expected to be signed by Obama as soon as he gets it.

Interestingly enough, the deal includes over $2 billion in additional  funding, on top of current capitalization, that will be headed to McConnell’s  home state of Kentucky for the Olmstead Dam Lock in Paducah, KY. reports:

proposal to  end the government shutdown and avoid default orchestrated by Republican Leader  Mitch McConnell and Democratic Leader Harry Reid includes a nearly $3 billion  earmark for a Kentucky project.

Language in a draft  of the McConnell-Reid deal (see page 13, section 123) provided to  WFPL News shows a provision that increases funding for the  massive Olmsted  Dam Lock in Paducah, Ky., from $775 million to nearly $2.9  billion.

The dam is considered an important project for the state and region in  regards to water traffic along the Ohio River.

As The Courier-Journal’s James Bruggers reported in 2011,  the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said they needed about $2.1 billion  for the locks due to “stop and go funding.”

Asked about the additional funding in the proposal, McConnell spokesman  Robert Steurer directed all questions to lawmakers who worked on the bill  directly.

I have no beef with the people of the great state of Kentucky, but Mitch  McConnell makes me sick. Hundreds of millions of people were counting on  Republicans to stand strong, and he sold us out for a dam and 30 pieces of  silver.

The Senate passed the measure 81-18, and the House followed suit just a few  hours later by a tally of 285-144. Both were landslide margins.

The Dallas News reports:

With the Treasury Department warning that it could run out of money to  pay U.S. obligations within a day, the Senate voted overwhelmingly Wednesday  evening, 81-16, to approve a proposal hammered out by the chamber’s Republican  and Democratic leaders after the House on Tuesday was unable to move forward  with any resolution. The House followed suit a few hours later, voting 285-144,  to approve the Senate plan, which would fund the government through Jan.  15  and raise the debt limit through Feb. 7.

Most House Republicans opposed the bill, but 87 voted to support it. The  breakdown showed that Republican leaders were willing to violate their informal  rule against advancing bills that do not have majority Republican support in  order to end the shutdown. All 198 Democrats voting supported the  measure.

The Senate vote was 81-18 to my knowledge. That is simply a typo by the  Dallas News. Either way whether 16 voted against or 18 doesn’t matter. It  was a landslide in which a lot of republicans in both chambers voted for this  deal.

So in the end the Democrats stuck to their guns as expected and the RINOs  sold us out. Nothing was done about Obamacare and now America is stuck with  broken promises from our Republican congressmen who vowed to find a way to  defund and defeat Obamacare.

They bought into the hype of the default and blinked first. There was no  compromise, to my knowledge, but at least Mitch McConnell got some money for a  damn fine dam. In the end, these are the things that really matter to our  legislators.

We will await for more details from all of the major news outlets  and hope, likely in futility, that the Republicans got something for our side  besides the dam. However, it’s not looking good.

Credit To:  Dean Garrison / Freedom Outpost


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