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Republican M.O. Bereft Of MO JO….

October 17, 2013


The following was written in response to an article written by Frank Camp  titled “A Plea to the Spineless Republicans.”

The GOP has apparently become a relic of the past. If they cave on the  shutdown (and they will), it should make it obvious to the People of this  country (but probably still won’t) that they (the People, specifically the true  Conservatives in the officially-despised Tea Party) are placing their trust in a  horse that WILL NOT run, much less win. Obviously, “running” is precisely what  they do best. The problem, of course, is that they fear the entire media  establishment (Establishment Media, actually)…which is a wholly-owned subsidiary  of the Left.

So, let’s get this straight: Those who wish to “fundamentally transform” the  most successful country in the history of the planet (all the while “loving” it,  Michael Moore-style), own the entire apparatus (apparatchik, actually) of  “public opinion” (which speaks in direct opposition to the will of the People).  And those we elect to represent US (and the U.S. – one in the same) obsequiously  and obediently defer to the “RULES” established by this Ministry of Propaganda  (i.e., do not speak or act against anything that this man wishes to do to bring  down our country…or we will label you “un-American,” racist, xenophobic, etc.)  Yeah, that makes sense. And yet, the Republican “leadership” – and that seems to  be the new definition of “oxymoron”, just as RINO has become the new standard  for “redundancy” – awaits the latest onslaught from the official,  state-controlled media with bated breath to see just how “meanly” they are being  portrayed.

All I can say is that anyone over the age of, say, 16, who doesn’t already  know how those who oppose the remaking of America will be portrayed by the  old-guard media, should not have been granted a high school diploma. Having said  all of this, I will be shocked beyond belief if the old-but-not-so-grand “party”  does not cave on this. For those unaware of the practice, the M.O. of  politicians (primarily Republicans) is to make a pretense at having “done  something,” only to retreat at the first sign of victory on the side they  purport to represent…the old “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory”  routine. It is highly doubtful that Mssrs. Boehner, Ryan, and Cantor (and,  sadly, the majority of those on their side of the aisle – if there are or ever  were two sides) ever intended to do anymore than make a pretense at having  “stood up” to our illegitimate “president.”

With great consistency, those who have refused to acknowledge his  illegitimacy – the GOP, as well as his own “party” – have in the process become  illegitimate themselves. We either uphold our oath to defend the Constitution,  or we don’t. The Republicans have failed to do so up and down the chain of  command, and across the fruited plain…and given the “purple mountains majesties”  a new meaning. We have royalty now in America…along with court jesters whose own  antics of self deprecation allow the monarch to save face…and appear even  stronger in the bargain.

A sad day for America, but WE are the ones who elected – and continue to  elect – those who only pretend to represent us, who only pretend to fight! While  leopards do not change their spots, they change their hearts even more  reluctantly. Expecting them to do either is to ignore both reason and reality. I  wish I were wrong. Only the GOP leaders can make it so…but in the end, it is up  to US if they do not.

Will we finally allow ourselves to be awakened from our unrest?

Credit To: J.T. Galt / The Western Center For journalism


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