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Obama’s Plan To Destroy America Revealed By CIA Whistleblower

October 15, 2013
In the 1976 movie “Network,” news anchor Howard Beale proclaimed, “We’re in  a lot of trouble!” He had no idea.
We’ve watched as the Department of Homeland Security has beefed up to the  point that SWAT teams under DHS authority from no less than seventy government  agencies, including the National Weather Service and the Library of Congress,  can load some of their 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition (enough to  fight an Iraq-intensity conflict for 24 years) into their thousands of brand new  MRAPS and take down a major city, as we saw recently in Boston.
This is the “domestic army as powerful as the U.S. military” that Barack  Obama promised to raise when he campaigned for President; and according to CIA  whistleblower Dr. Jim Garrow, who has just come in out of the cold world of  international espionage after a 45-year career as a CIA operative in China, he  is about to unleash it upon the American people. Dr. Garrow revealed earlier this year that Obama was giving General officers  in the United States military a “litmus test,” a loyalty test, asking if they  would fire on American citizens. Over thirty high-ranking Admirals and Generals  have been removed from duty in the past year, including two Three-star generals  in charge of nuclear weapons in just the past few days.

On Friday, the Air Force fired Maj. Gen. Michael Carey, who was in charge of  its nuclear missiles., citing “alcohol abuse.” Two days earlier, the Navy  deep-sixed Vice Adm. Tim Giardina, SAC’s second-in-command. The reasons given  for his dismissals was “gambling.”

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, Dr. Garrow tells me the explosive  truth about the origins of Barack Hussein Obama, his parents and grandparents,  and his Communist upbringing as a young Muslim child who was schooled in an  Indonesian Madrassa.
Even more shockingly, Dr. Garrow confirms information published by The Truth Is Viral last  year that Obama relies on Iranian-born White House advisor Valerie  Jarrett to make foreign policy decisions. According to another former CIA spy,  Iranian-national Reza Kahlili, Jarrett has even been conducting secret  negotiations with Iran with the intent of betraying the United States to the  Iranians should hostilities break out with Israel, a scenario that would  necessitate the involvement of the United States.
Those hostilities could begin over Israeli retaliation for a WMD attack  launched from Syria by either the Iranian-backed government of Bashar al-Assad  or the al-Qaeda terrorists backed by Barack Obama, or they could begin should  Israel strike Iranian nuclear facilities. Either way, the U.S. would be dragged  into the conflict. With Russia and China recently asserting influence and  projecting forces into the Eastern Mediterranean, and Russia especially stating  that they would not allow U.S. airstrikes on Syrian targets, the possibility for  a much wider conflict is uncomfortably high.

Credit To:  The Western Center For Journalism / Bobby Powell


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