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Agenda 21, Is It Real?

October 15, 2013

Yes Agenda 21 Is Real! If You Have Doubts, Visit The Official U N Web Site And Search For Agenda 21. To Make It Easy I have Provided This Link For You, Agenda 21 . You Will Also Find Links And PDFs Below To Assist You.

Agenda 21 is the Globalist’s dream of world domination. The chaos that you see in the world and here in America are directly connected to Agenda 21. If you take the time to learn what Agenda 21 is all about, I’m sure you will come away with an enlightened sense of awareness and in many cases shock. You’ll realize everything that you have heard from Americans who have educated themselves was true. Everything that involves our lives, from our children’s education to our death will be controlled by the Globalist Agenda 21.

Obama / Islam / Agenda 21:  Obama seeks to accomplish two agendas, one is Agenda 21 and the other is the Caliphate (Islamic World Domination). Both the Globalist and Muslims use each other to bring  their version of World Domination to realization. Unfortunately you and I happen to be in their way, the Globalists view us as candidates for depopulation and the Muslims see us as Infidels. Anyway you slice it, eradicating us from the face of the Earth is in fact their goal.

Obamacare, Common Core, Environmental Organizations and various other entities have one common goal, to destroy us.

Obamacare is designed to destroy our economy by causing businesses to shut down and jobs to be lost. These are among two of the many destructive facets of Obamacare. Obamacare was clearly not designed to assist the people with their health care, too expensive with minimal care.

Common Core:  Common Core is a complete system designed to indoctrinate our children to lower levels of education and higher levels of tolerance. God, Bibles, good morals and values and our American traditions are being removed from our public education system. Common Core is more aggressive than all of the other progressive educational goals put together. As Hitler believed, the youth are the key to the future. Hans Schemm once said, “Those who have youth on their side control the future”.

Environmental:  The environmental controls used by the Obama administration are orchestrated by Cass Sunstein. Sunstein is the architect of the majority if not all of the regulations that choke industry and businesses alike. Causing many to shut down, downsize and layoff or relocate the company all together. This also targets us the consumer in many areas. Such as energy, food, higher material and goods pricing and much more.

The many tactics that have been utilized by the Globalists in our government are meant to steal our rights and freedoms, to collapse our economy, and to tear apart the moral fiber that holds us together and makes this nation great. 

Obama’s Criminal Network:  Through Obama’s domestic criminal network, 5 Arab nations have erupted in upheaval across the Middle East. Many refer to this as the “Arab Spring”. Here in the States Obama has steadily bypassed and shredded our Constitution, forcing his administration’s will on the American people. Sadly many Americans have become clueless sheep and are unaware of the danger that they face. This article is my attempt to spread the truth bit by bit, hoping it causes others to seek the truth for themselves. 

Our time to act is short now, soon we will reach a point of no return. If we reach this point of no return, our way of life as we know it will never be seen by us again within our lifetime. That’s even assuming that we fight back and we win that fight. We cannot allow that line to be crossed!

Americans must stand up and be counted! We must hold this administration accountable and we must restore our Constitution. We cannot rely on our Representatives to defend our Constitution or to do the right thing. It’s up to us to restore our nation and provide a future for our children.

Links Provided Below To The U N Web Site’s Agenda 21 Pages and PDF’s  

Commission on Sustainable Development-17

SustainableDevelopment2nd-PrepSession / Agenda 21:


U N – Education


Credit To: Divine Freedom

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