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Harry Reid on Negotiating End of Government Shutdown: Not Going to Happen

October 11, 2013

After meeting for about an hour and a half with President Barack Obama, CQ  Roll Call asked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) if he would  be willing to negotiate on reopening the government as the GOP has demanded.   His reply was “Not going to happen,” and walked off. He just walked off…you  really see now, who wants this shutdown.  Actions speak louder than empty  words!

Will someone please tell me how this vile, passive-aggressive little man, who  has not put forth a budget in 5 years, still has a job? What were the Voters in  Nevada thinking when they sent this corrupt, angry, bitter person to represent  them in our nation’s capitol? He is literally the king of “do-nothing”! The  only  thing Harry Reid does do well, is parrot whatever Obama wants him to. How  is  that helping the country? I expect crazy things to pop out of the mouth of  Nancy  Pelosi, but Reid quite often more than not, out-does her on almost a  daily  basis.

Harry Reid is the only public official, besides the President, who can stand  before the American people and lie and not care one single bit, even  if  he knows we know, he is telling another whopper. He has called the  Tea  Party “anarchists,” “traitors” and a myriad of other insulting, unfounded  names.  The sheer arrogance with which he does this, is truly astonishing, he  does this  without even batting an eyelash. So much for the whole “Pubic  Servant” thing,  huh? I am reminded of the old tale of King John and the wicked  Sheriff of  Nottingham and their disdain for the Saxon peasants.  Obama and Reid  fit that  narrative to-a-tee!

Reid wouldn’t know an original thought if it ran up and kicked him in his  saggy little bottom. But every tyrant needs a “yes man,” doesn’t he?

Reid really thinks he is UN-touchable, sitting in the president’s lap like a  poodle. I implore the citizens of the great state of Nevada, to fire this  scrawny little man and hire someone who will put the interests of hard working  Americans first. Republicans in the Senate and the Congress are only doing what  the majority of Americans are wanting them to do, Democrats on the  other hand, are doing what their ideology compels them to do.

The reason for three branches of government is for checks and balances, so  that not one faction is all powerful.  Therefore, there must be  compromises. That’s the logical side, but if you’re a demagogue who does not  feel compelled to do so, then we have what we are currently embroiled in. Obama  and the Democrats have truly shown their hand by acting like they have; this  “all or nothing” attitude is unacceptable. To top it all off, Obama’s  brown-shirts are given  their marching orders, to inflict as much damage on us (the American  people)  as possible in this political game of chicken. This is the action of  spoiled  children and not grown men. Republicans have made concessions and  compromises  for this ideologue in the White House long enough. It’s time for  this president  to start doing his job and for him to make concessions  and compromises  for a change, wouldn’t you say?

I know that I have said before, but it is vital that we re-take the Senate  Ladies and Gentlemen.  If there was any lingering doubt, I think that the  actions of the democrats have shown us what’s in store for America if we don’t.

It’s way past time to give Reid and others like him their “pink slips”, isn’t  it?

Credit To:  Tim Brown / Freedom Outpost

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