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Obama Supporter Arrested After Aiming Gun At Female Impeachment Protesters

October 10, 2013

An 84-year-old Obama supporter was arrested by Gwinnett County Police at his home in Georgia Tuesday, after pointing a gun at two female “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” protesters on Sept. 28.

Smith  Roy Smith was charged with pointing a firearm at another and three counts of misdemeanor simple assault for driving up and aiming his handgun at protesters Toni Pendley and Marge Moore.

“He was looking straight at me,” Pendley told Channel 2 Action News.

Others near the scene witnessed the incident as well, reporting Smith’s description, vehicle description and license plate number to 911 dispatchers. Witnesses specifically described a black, balding man, with glasses, driving a maroon Mercury Grand Marquis.

“He just showed the ladies the gun like ‘move out of here, I’ve got a gun’,” the witness told the 911 dispatcher.

Smith not only aimed his firearm at the women, but also threw an unknown chemical liquid at Moore.

“I felt it on my foot… it burned, so I thought it was a household chemical,” Moore told WSB Radio.

Amazingly, only moments before the attack, a different vehicle filled with other tolerant Obama supporters threatened to kill Pendley and Moore as it drove past.

Although initial reports claimed that Smith’s licenses plate did not match the vehicle type on record, police were eventually successful in tracking the vehicle to Smith’s home. Upon arrival, police were able to secure a search warrant for the vehicle parked in the driveway, finding a handgun in Smith’s driver’s side door, perfectly matching the description given by witnesses.

After contacting Smith, a police report revealed that Smith admitted to having the gun in his vehicle on the day of the incident, but claimed he did not point it at the protesters. Smith told investigators that “everyone was lying on him in an attempt to get him into trouble.”

“Not your typical suspect,” Gwinnett Police Cpl. Ed Ritter said. “Doesn’t matter what his age was, he still threatened somebody with that gun and he is being held accountable for it.”

According to jail records, Smith is currently free on $1,000 bond.

Incredibly, on Atlanta’s WBS-TV News Facebook page, other Obama supporters applauded Smith’s actions, claiming they have grown tired of people protesting the president.

“I don’t blame this man at all for what he did. It is getting old,” the second most popular comment said, receiving 31 Facebook likes.

Despite the threats, the woman returned to the overpass the following Saturday, defying all attempts made to scare them off.

“We’re not going to let him or anyone intimidate us,” Pendley said.


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This article was posted: Thursday, October 10, 2013  at  10:21 am

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