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Radical Islam in the White House Is Leading America Toward Islamic State and Martial Law

October 9, 2013

Greg, a friend of mine sent me a link to Michael Coffman’s interview by Janet  Mefferd. For those unaware, Coffman wrote “Plundered,” and discusses, how  progressive ideology is destroying America. It’s a very worthwhile read and can  be purchased for $9.99 on Kindle.  I highly recommend it.

Radicalizing America via Islam

Radicalizing America via Islam

Coffman’s  latest book – “Radical Islam in the House” – deals with what Coffman calls “The  Plan to Take America for the Global Islamic State. He covers a good deal that  many may still not be aware of with respect to Islam and also calls attention  to  people like Dr. Abdullah Nasif, Mohamed Elibiary, and many others. Elibiary works inside the Obama administration, as do many  other hardcore Muslims. Of course, Elibiary and Progressives in general tell us  we have no worries and our concerns have grown out of our bigotry toward Islam.

At any rate, if you are not familiar with Coffman, please familiarize  yourself with him. He has highly valuable input and will educate you on Islam,  if you will allow him.

Coffman points out the Obama connection to Islam in general and also notes  that as far as hardcore Muslims are concerned, they consider Obama to be a  Muslim. They believe that he is and will continue to change the face of America  until America becomes an Islamic state. When Progressives hear that, they  attempt to laugh us to scorn. This is simply their way of attempting to diffuse  the situation before anyone even starts to take it seriously. Too many are  seeing past this charade though.

If nothing is done to change the way Washington DC does business, what will  happen? According to Coffman, a civil war could ignite. If that happens, we  will  have martial law and America may actually wind up looking like parts of  the  Middle East, such as Syria or elsewhere. During the interview with Mefferd,  he spoke of this. “Coffman told Mefferd that President Obama might become a  dictator and refuse to give up power in order to transform the US into an  Islamic state. Once Americans begin fighting back against the dictatorship by  the country’s 0.8 percent Muslim population, Coffman predicts that the US will  experience a second Civil War that is much like the one taking place in  Syria.”

Credit To:  Fred DeRuvo / Freedom Outpost

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