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The Creation of Good Little Communists – The Dangers of Forsaking God

October 8, 2013

Karl Marx wrote in his Communist  Manifesto that religion was the opiate of the masses. What he meant by this  is that he believed religion was used to make men feel as though they had a  purpose in life.  For the world’s believers we know this purpose is to serve  God  and follow His Word, while expressing a morality that is pleasing to Him.  This  caused a problem for Marx and Engles as they attempted to develop their  philosophy of communism where people would voluntarily submit themselves to an  all-powerful state in exchange for a government created utopia. People who  understand that we were created with free will for a reason and that life has a  divine purpose are unlikely to do such a thing. Marx went on to say that in  order for his ideas to be successful God would have to be destroyed in the  minds  of men.

What many people don’t realize is that Karl Marx and Fredrick Engles, in  searching for a scientific explanation that would back their ideas turned to  Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Darwin saw man as nothing but an accident  of evolution with no soul and no purpose. If men had no divine connections and  were devoid of a purpose than surely training them to behave in a manner they  thought more appropriate would be an easy thing to do. What was appropriate for  Marx was that men be herded like cattle and persuaded to devote their entire  existence to the state. People’s lives needed to be managed because without a  soul or without a purpose we were after all, according to Darwin, just another  species of animal incapable of making the right decisions. Furthermore, many  people simply do not understand the real evil behind the idea of Marxism. Karl  Marx claimed at one time to be a devout Christian, who in a fit of rage turned  on God, and developed his idea of communism with the explicit purpose of  destroying man’s free will. Would it not be safe to say that destroying man’s  free will is exactly what the nanny/welfare state does?

What significance does this information have in our modern society today?  Most people understand Marxism as a class struggle where the proletariat will  rise against the “bourgeoisie” and then institute a workers’ paradise. First of  all, men who are believers know that man cannot create a perfect utopia on  earth  because we are born sinners and are “imperfect.” Through the destruction  of God  and his morality the concept of being a natural born sinner is also  gone. What  replaces it is moral and cultural relativism, where all morals of  all cultures  are equal in virtue. Those who desire to institute Marxism in a  society believe  that man can be perfected through a process called Dialectic  Materialism. This theory claims that all evolution is a result of “natural  conflict” and therefore, by pitting the proletariat against the bourgeoisie the  old world of capitalism and Christianity would be destroyed and man would have  evolved into a higher “consciousness” or a higher evolved form of society. This  higher form of society, to the Marxist, is communism.  The method used to  create  the conflict is known as the Hegelian  Dialectic.  This is also known as the “problem, reaction, solution  strategy.”

socialismNo  one could argue that religion, particularly Christianity is under full assault  in The United States of America today. (If you don’t see this then it is likely  that you are a self-professed atheist.) We have a president who admits to “seeking  the Marxist professors” in his college  days, and it is beyond obvious to anyone who pays close attention that his  tactics at fermenting  class hatred are definitely Marxist in nature.  We are also witnessing an  unprecedented attack upon our natural rights protected in our constitution.  These are rights that we as Americans understand being granted by God and are  inalienable; they cannot be taken by man, period. This brings me to my point,  as  long as Americans understand that their rights, as listed in THE  BILL OF  RIGHTS, are inherent to the existence of man by the Grace of  God, we  will not surrender them. This is why the left is attempting to destroy  Christianity.  They cannot disarm us if we believe in our very soul we have a  God given right to exist and defend our liberties. They cannot silence us as  long as we believe we have vocal chords in order to speak the truth of God.

Over the course of the last several months, we have seen an increase in deliberate  attacks against the Christian religion in our public schools, and in its  place we are seeing the rise  of Islam. We have seen the left deliberately  rewrite the amendments in a text book called, “American History:  Preparation  for the Advanced Placement Examination.”  Just today there was  another instance  in the pro-gun state of Arkansas where an assignment was given  to a class where  they were given the task of eliminating  two of the amendments in the Bill of Rights.  Day after day we see a rise  in  the number of kids being punished for the ridiculous reason of playing  guns or wearing  an NRA shirt. Finally, Freedom Outpost ran an  article describing the U.N.’s definition of human rights being taught in  the  common core curriculum. Human Rights, according to the communists at the  U.N.,  are given by governments and can be taken by governments. This is  institutionalized Marxism designed to break your children of your influence and  teach them the necessity of being subservient to the state. This is training  your children to be good little communists.

If this continues, then it will only be a generation or two before the  majority of people in this country believe we have no divine purpose. Without  God, people can be persuaded to do horrible things and whole populations can be  dehumanized and eliminated simply for not sharing the same ideas as good little  communists.  Isn’t this the version of history we should be ensuring our  children learn; the dangers of forsaking God? I can only pray that people see  the seriousness of this.

This is Part 2 in a series.  Read  Part 1 by clicking here.

Credit To:  John Risselada / Freedom Outpost


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