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Homosexual Activists Dishonor U.S. Flag

October 8, 2013

gay pride flag 3 SC 300x185 Homosexual activists dishonor U.S. flag

The homosexual community has hijacked a number  of words and images in recent decades, ultimately eviscerating their original  meaning. In addition to the word “gay” being redefined and used almost  exclusively in the context of homosexuality, one can scarcely mention a rainbow  without invoking the movement’s central symbol of pride.

Using the colorful display to adorn flags  during pride parades and other events is nothing new; however, a group at Middle  Tennessee State University was not satisfied with the status quo. The gay and lesbian club  MT Lambda recently unveiled a defaced American flag which featured the colors of  a rainbow in place of traditional red and white stripes.

Not surprisingly, the move elicited strong  disapproval from a number of locals. MT Lambda president Joshua Rigsby, however,  could not seem to understand why people were upset.

“It really caught us by surprise that this flag  has caused so much controversy,” he said, “because in essence it’s not an  American flag, it’s symbolic of that.”

Others tersely disagreed, with one graduate of  the school decrying such actions by any group.

“To take that flag and to change it is what’s  wrong,” Ralph Drye told local media. “I don’t care if they’re right, left, or  center.”

Rigsby dismissed claims his group desecrated  the flag, explaining other events have featured a similar flag.

When MTSU administrators sought legal advice  from the state’s attorney general, they learned this type of display is  protected by the U.S. Constitution. As a result, MT Lambda plans to keep its  controversial addition flying for the foreseeable future.

Our founders did provide for an unparalleled  freedom of speech, which exists to protect those with an unpopular message. As  much as it pains those who love and honor the American flag, MT Lambda does have  the liberty to sully that symbol for their own ideological purposes.

It is telling, however, that the same activists  who hide behind the First Amendment when promulgating their own divisive view  seek to silence those who express another.

Credit To:  The Western Center For Journalism


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