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Police Barge Into Kindergarten Classroom And Taser Multiple Children “For The Heck Of It”

October 5, 2013


Hundreds of horrified and enraged parents stormed through the halls of Calcutta elementary school in Sherwood North Dakota demanding justice after two police officers burst into a classroom Monday morning and began tasing random children.

The officers, Hugh Roark and Darren Engen were detained shortly after the incident and remain in custody pending investigation, which senior officers describe as “heinous and unforgivable”.

Meanwhile, parents are left struggling to understand what would motivate the two “peace” officers to pull such a stunt. Officer Andrew Bergman who is working closely with investigators has reported during a press conference that the officers were apparently “bored” with the absence of crime in the tiny North Dakota town. They were also seeking somewhere to practice shooting their newly acquired tasers that the department had issued just a few weeks earlier. A handful of townsfolk had reported seeing the officers in a field along the highway shortly before the incident, firing their tasers at a herd of grazing cattle.

Several parents of children whom had suffered a tasing at the hands of Roark and Engen gathered outside the Sherwood Inmate Detainment Center demanding the perpetrators be handed over for a little dose of street justice. “Why don’t they give all of us parents some tazers so we can practice on those b*stards!”, screamed Holly Bradshaw before she spat in the face of another officer leaving the building.

None of the children tazed attained any permanent physical injuries, but it is likely the incident will leave them scarred mentally and foster a lifelong hatred of law enforcement.

The police department has apologized profusely for the attack, stating that they are unsure how the two mentally disturbed individuals were able to pass the mandatory prehire psychiatric evaluations but intend to look into matter.

Credit To:  National Report

  1. Silkpainter permalink

    I call this article BS. There is no “Calcutta Elementary School” in Sherwood, ND, which, by the way, only has a population of 242 at the last census. There are 44 kids enrolled in their PK-6 elementary school. Hundreds of outraged parents for the few dozen kids that go to school there? Yeah right. I would check the facts before publishing this anywhere else. Not saying all cops are good, but please. Tazers leave burn marks, even on adults, my ex-cop husband has them from his training! If a kid got tazed, you bet there would be permanent injuries, by way of scars. This is article is a huge stretch. Is it April Fool’s Day???

    • If you notice next to the photo we placed “This Story Proven To Be False” . Disinformation is a problem for us all, more than the public realizes. Disinformation “conditions” people to the point that they discount news that is important. At anytime the news that is published may even be considered a public emergency, the days we live in we never know what will happen next. News that is accurate is not only a public service but a responsibility, call out those who originate these falsehoods and expose them to the public. Divine Freedom’s #1 goal beside showing the connection between God and our Founding, is to get the truth out in the USA and even the world. Thank you for your post, I’m always glad to see other Americans involved.

  2. Reblogged this on HalfTangible's Desk and commented:
    DFR, thank you for pointing this story out for the bullshit it is. The National Report should be fucking disgusted this even made it on their site…

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