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Texas Car Armor Company’s Viral Response to the Motorcycle/SUV Incident That Involves a Pistol, a Crow Bar and Some Bullet Proof Glass

October 4, 2013

You have probably seen the story about the violent confrontation between a group of bikers chasing an SUV around New York City. The video and various edited versions of it, have been seen millions of times in less than a week.

Now, one Texas company that retro-fits vehicles with protective armor has created a video response using the incident to attract business.

Texas Car Armor Companys Viral Response to the Motorcycle/SUV Incident That Involves a Pistol, a Crow Bar and Some Bullet Proof Glass

Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) is the company. They are in the business of securing vehicles against just about any kind of attack you can imagine.

TAC Escalade

On a recent episode of the TV show “Incredible Acts of Science,” the company’s president, Trent Kimball described what TAC does to cars, “We’ll take a common, everyday vehicle, take out the entire interior and put in our armored materials in the doors, the windows, the roof, the floor, the fuel tanks…and basically make it a cocoon of armor for the occupants inside the vehicle.” TAC’s clients include politicians, businessmen, celebrities and the Pope.

TAC is offering to armor the SUV of the man at the center of the biker, Alexian Lien…but there’s a catch. TAC will give Lien’s SUV the “cocoon of armor” treatment if their demonstration video hits viral status and collects five million hits on YouTube. TAC posted the offer on their blog page.

In the 55 second clip, TAC shows a man beating on the car window with a helmet – mirroring the incident in the video. However, unlike the window on Lien’s SUV that smashed after a couple of strikes, the TAC-treated window doesn’t break – but the helmet does.

TAC hits car with helmet

After the helmet attack, a man with a metal bar takes a few swings. They bounce off the glass as well.

Iron bar hits car

In the video, you can see that the iron bar cracks the window slightly, but does not break through the glass. So the TAC crew sent in a guy with a pistol to fire on the car at very close range.

TAC shoots car

The view from a camera inside the car shows how the armored windows managed to absorb the impact of the bullets.

Gunshots hit car glass

If you would like to see the video (and push the viral video count closer to the magic five million level), we have embedded it below:

 Credit To:  Mike Opelka / The Blaze

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