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News Outlets Flocking to New Obamacare Enrollee Who’s ‘So Freakin’ Excited’…but There’s a Catch

October 4, 2013

Chad Henderson is a 21-year-old Chattanooga State University student who works part-time at a day-care facility and had been without health insurance for the last 14 years.

So when the opportunity to sign up for Obamacare came Oct. 1, Henderson jumped on it. The whole process took him about three hours and ended at 3 a.m., but he got what he was looking for.

So what’s his monthly premium? Henderson, who reportedly earns $11,500 annually, will pay $175 per month under Obamacare, about 18% of his yearly income.

Chad Henderson Signed Up for Obamacare and His Monthly Premium Is $175    300% Higher Than It Would Have Been Without Obamacare

“It was a little more than I was expecting,” he tells the Washington Post. “I like the doctor benefits, but I would have really liked a plan that includes dental and vision, since I have contacts. That kind of stuff I would have preferred.”

Henderson likely could have received health insurance for as little as $44.72 on before Obamacare, according to Michael F. Cannon of the Cato Institute. And with Obamacare’s community-rating price controls that take effect in 2014, Henderson’s cheapest plan option on eHealthInsurance jumped up to $190.23.

“So it appears that Obamacare quadrupled Chad’s premiums, and Enroll America thinks this is a success story,” Cannon said.

But there’s apparently a bigger picture here for Henderson. ”I’ve read a few articles about how young people are very critical to the law’s success,” he tells the Post. “I really just wanted to do my part to help out with the entire process.”

Turns out that Henderson is a big-time supporter of President Obama who wants to see Obamacare succeed. He’s an Organizing for Action volunteer, which means he helped elect Obama and works “to continue his agenda,” and also served as president of the Walker County Young Democrats and executive director of High School Democrats of Georgia, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Which also may explain his recent Facebook page comments, noting that he’s “so freakin’ excited” about sharing his Obamacare signup story with the world.

And Henderson isn’t the only one who’s excited: “Something major happened to me today,” he shared on Facebook Thursday. “I get off of work and find that I have 120 new notifications on my phone. Come to find out…. a few of President Obama’s top advisers had shared my ObamaCare enrollment story with their Twitter followers…”

So scads of news outlets have been hounding Henderson for his story, which he’s only too happy to share: “I accept these offers with honor knowing that I am helping the President make history by bringing out the facts on Obamacare!!” | Chattanooga News, Weather

Here’s a report from WRCB:

Credit To:      Dave Urbanski / The Blaze | Chattanooga News, Weather

(H/T: Weasel Zippers; Washington Times)

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