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Ship of fools: Barack ‘Bonkers’ Obama

October 3, 2013

The states of America needn’t go down with a ship of fools.

Piloted by Barack “Bonkers” Obama, the S.S. Washington, D.C., is a vessel  sinking under atrocious mismanagement and the crushing weight of debt ($17  trillion) and unfunded liabilities ($100 trillion). Not to mention scam  Obamacare, runaway entitlements and perennial trillion-dollar deficits flooding  the hold. Bonkers insists his ship isn’t sinking. Instead, he faults the sea for  rising.

Below decks, Valerie “Reichstag” Jarrett plots freedom-busting strategies for  Obama who forged or concealed his papers to attain his rank position. Above  decks, evil-eyed Harry Reid and dunce Nancy Pelosi, first and second mates,  never tire of teaching a game called “Psycho Sycophant” to the crew.

In a 50-state passenger huddle on board the S.S. Washington, 17 solid blue  (Democratic) states side with Obama crowning him as “that gloriously obnoxious  advocate of more borrowing, more spending, more taxes and a lot less  freedom.”

Of the other 33 states in the huddle, 27 are solid red Republican states and  six are purple states with divided legislatures – one house Republican, the  other Democratic.

Realizing they have booked passage on a doomed ship of raving lunatics, about  30 states run for the sole life boat and cut the tether.

From a protective distance, the fleeing states watch the S.S. Washington sink  into an unforgiving sea of debt and madness and count themselves lucky to have  escaped with their lives, their sanity, their wealth and their sovereignty.

Later, on terra firma, chastened state legislatures mobilize and call for a  convention of the states to consider select constitutional amendments that put  the states and the people back in charge and thwart the schemes of lunatics,  scoundrels, thieves, control freaks and cult crazies to take over our  nation.

Credit To:  M. Lacey /


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