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Muslim Student Association’s College Jihad: Making America Sharia Compliant One School at a Time

October 2, 2013

In yesterday’s  article, I provided a glimpse into the past and present structure of Saudi  Islam’s well established Sharia compliant finance efforts and the Islamic  tolerated financial infiltration of Washington D.C.  Today, I offer a glimpse  into the future. It will not be pleasant.

One would think that Islamic influences would have taken cover after 911. To  the contrary, Islam has accelerated its efforts to establish its influence in  our country by targeting our institutions of higher education.

If you are wondering what the future holds for American governance and public  policy, look no further than the Saudi funded Muslim Student Association (MSA).  Established in 1963, the Muslim Student Association, a not for profit funded by  the North American Islamic Trust, “continues to serve Muslim students during  their college and university careers by facilitating their efforts to establish,  maintain and develop local MSA chapters.” Sounds innocuous. Let us take a closer  look.

The MSA website provides  instructional support to Muslim students on:

  • How to Start an MSA Chapter on your Campus.
  • How to Achieve Islamic Holidays on Campus.
  • How to Establish a Prayer Room on Campus
  • How to achieve Halal Food on Campus.

Colleges and Universities, including private Roman Catholic institutions are  opening their minds and their hearts to the practice and promotion of Islamic  principles. The following is a link to the Muslim Students Association (MSA)  website listing of active MSA chapters and their associated colleges and  universities: .

Why would a Muslim student choose to attend a very expensive college or  university knowing—in advance of enrollment— that the campus did not  accommodate a Sharia compliant life? Moreover, what would motivate private  religious colleges and universities—specifically those that historically  follow the teachings of Jesus Christ— to surrender to Muslim students  requests?

The answer to the first question is very simple. There is a Jihad occurring  on college campuses in America. A Jihad led by the Muslim Student Association’s  national “Muslim Accommodations Task Force.” The objective of this Saudi funded  task force is to acclimatize non-Islamic students to accept and incorporate  Muslim students’ mandatory cultural duties and obligations into campus culture.  That includes—and specifically targets—historical Christian and Roman  Catholic Universities.

The second question is also relatively simple to answer, huge Saudi  endowments. It is no big secret that Saud Arabia gifts large sums of money to  higher academic institutions. The quid pro quo? To quote Harvard University  spokeswoman Sarah Friedell, “the purpose of this gift is to support the study of  Islam as a religious and cultural tradition, which is a significant factor in  today’s world.” I wonder if Ms. Friedell maintains that view in a post Boston  Marathon bombing world.

An informative article on Saudi endowments can be found by  clicking here

America has an established history of college student activism. Activism that  has shaped today’s leaders. Leaders who destroyed honorable American traditions  like faith and family, re-shaped the U.S. public education system into a global  joke, led to socialisms ascendance, and contributed to the mainstreaming of  communist principles in US government circles. College activism produced  President Obama.

This is a quote from one of the Muslim Students Association manuals and  guidelines:

“The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, “…he who finds relief for one who is  hard pressed, Allah would make things easy for him in the Hereafter.” (Sahih  Muslim Book 035, Number 6518). Inshaallah [god willing] the results of your  efforts will make life easier for generations of students after you, and thereby  leave you with a legacy of reward.”

What will America look like a decade from now? Clearly, godless liberals will  be more than happy to convert to the “religion of peace.” Will there be a place  in American society for those of us who refuse to submit and dare to question  violently enforced Islamic religious law? Laws supported by tomorrow’s leaders,  indoctrinated by foolish academics, building Saudi endowed monuments to  educations narcissists.

The enemy is inside the perimeter. If my words have not convinced you here is  a visual of today’s collegiate America. Perhaps this will shake you up. Assalamu  alaikum.

MSA  National – Google Maps  (Press CNTRL + click link to open)

Credit To:  John DeMayo / Freedom Outpost


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