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Expert warns of coming chaos in cities

September 24, 2013


If people standing in line for a toy, like a new phone, get into fights, just imagine what they’d do if they were standing in line for food, or water.

That’s the point to ponder raised by author David Morris, who was interviewed by economist, columnist, radio host and international speaker Jerry Robinson, who this week uses his “Follow the Money Weekly” program to discuss the question.

The program points out that there have been reports of consumers, anxious to own the newest and most advanced iPhone immediately, fought in a line outside of an Apple store.

The message is that people should be prepared for chaos all the time.

“If human beings will fight each other in a line to purchase a piece of plastic and metal, then imagine what they would do if they feared for their lives?” is the question considered.

“What if they were starving and could not procure any food for their families? This should be a reminder to us all that natural disasters, economic chaos, rioting, and war are not to be taken lightly. These situations could happen to anyone, anywhere.”

Morris joins the program to remind listeners how to get prepared, and remain that way for “the coming economic meltdown or the next natural disaster.”

Morris is a survivalist expert who has helped tens of thousands prepare for the worst with his 12-week course, “Survive In Place,” and his popular book, “Urban Survival Guide.”

Robinson also discusses the fact that the Federal Reserve decided to continue purchasing $85 billion a month in bond and mortgage securities.

Robinson has said the Fed really has no choice.

He reports, after all, that the United States federal government is over $16 trillion in debt and is running a budget deficit every single year with no end in sight.

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