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EXCLUSIVE: SC School Threatens Journalist Exposing Liberal Teacher Who Told Kids It’s Constitutional For Cops To Take Guns

September 22, 2013





Joshua Cook is a reporter with and a resident of South Carolina. Cook recently was given evidence from parents of an 8th grade student that exposed a teacher changing the student’s answers on a quiz. The question asked if a cop could confiscate a gun owner’s gun even though the owner had the proper licence. According to the parents, the student marked “no”, and the teacher told the student the correct answer was “yes”.  (PICTURE)

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The post went viral. It has been viewed more than 100,000 times on the site alone and has been picked up by multiple websites in less than 2 days. Though the issue is more of a Fourth and Fifth Amendment issue than it is a Second Amendment one, gun owners were enraged.

Joshua Cook tells us in an exclusive interview that he received a phone call from the Spartanburg, SC District 1 superintendent Dr. Ron Garner. According to Cook, Dr. Garner called him at work and demanded he retract the story. Abrupt and yelling, Dr. Garner threatened Cook that lawyers were now involved in the case.

“I just don’t understand how he got all my information. He told me where I went to College and the town I grew up in. He had been monitoring my social media sites too. He called me at work also, which was strange. How did he know I worked at this office? When I asked him where the teacher got the curriculum he refused to answer,” says Cook.

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