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Miltary Storms Against Religion In America

September 18, 2013

Recently the Department of Defense has released information that they have declared that Christians, Catholics, Jews and Mormons are extremist and are similar to Al Qaeda and Hamas.

One training document that was uncovered stated that the Founding Fathers were extremist and also listed conservative groups as being hate groups.  It appears that they have even gone further and started to create lists of domestic hate groups and may be currently classifying our soldiers as political dissidents if they are anti gay , anti immigrant , anti Muslim or if they practice any of the traditional religions in our country!  The political sentiment is that the Obama Administration has strategically placed these anti religious leaders in to these positions to create these policies.

For Example, A religious tolerance specialist named Michael Weinstein stated that,  Christians in the military are nothing more than monsters that terrorize and force Christianity on their subordinates! But isn’t this the same program of revenge that the Executive has been processing through our colleges in the U.S. for over the last half century in their effort to directly dictate their homosexual agendas and anti-Christian and Jew hating policies! If Congress, our Governors, and Legislators continue to allow such First Amendment Contract Breeches to our military personnel and human rights abuses to our citizens we will end up losing all our Constitutional privileges and will be forced into some kind of atheist anarchy!

The people that defend us and our nation should be allowed to simply worship God with out government persecution !!!

Richard Hellstrom Lexington, Kentucky

Credit To:  Richard Hellstrom / Canada Free Press


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