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Alleged D.C. Shooter Aaron Alexis Legally Obtained Shotgun in Virginia

September 17, 2013

Tread Lightly When It Comes To Forming Your Opinion About This Story. We Will Refrain From Comment Until We Have Gathered More Facts. Watch For our Article On This Story Here In The Near Future.

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Authorities name all Navy Yard victims




D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier, center, briefs reporters on the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard with Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C., left, and D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray on Monday, Sept. 16, 2013, in Washington, D.C.D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier, center, briefs reporters on the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard with Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C., left, and D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray on Monday, Sept. 16, 2013, in Washington, D.C.

This story was updated at 12:22 p.m. to reflect new information:

Authorities publicly identified all 12 murder victims from Monday’s Washington Navy Yard shooting Tuesday morning, after tracking down and informing family members.

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In addition to the seven names shared late Monday night, police said Mary Knight, 51; Gerald Read, 58; Martin Bodrog, 54; and Michael Ridgell, 52 were also among the slain.

Aaron Alexis, 34, of Fort Worth, Texas was identified Monday as the alleged shooter and was killed in a gunfight with law enforcement officials. In addition to the 12 people killed, the shooting frenzy left eight injured.

Alexis reportedly legally purchased a shotgun in Lorton, Va., last week, according to The Washington Times citing three law enforcement officials on background. He brought that gun with him Monday morning and then allegedly obtained two handguns from some of his victims, which included a mix of civilian and military workers.

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Doctors who treated some of the victims said the scene described by victims and the wounds were consistent with semi-automatic weapons. But FBI officials have pushed back against reports that Alexis was using an AR-15, a military-style assault weapon.

The mass shooting has generated some movement on Capitol Hill to reignite the fight for gun reform, similar to the aftermath of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting rampage in December 2012 that killed more than 20 people, mostly first-graders.


This story was originally posted at 8:14 a.m.:

Seven of the 13 people killed by a shooting spree at the Washington Navy Yard Monday have been identified by authorities, while the other names were withheld to give time to inform their families. An eighth victim was identified by The Washington Post.

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray said the dead’s ages ranged from 46-73 years old, during an evening press briefing Monday. The named victims were Michael Arnold, 59; Arthur Daniels, 51; Sylvia Frasier, 53; Kathy Gaarde, 62; John Roger Johnson, 73; Frank Kohler, 50; Bernard Proctor, 46; and Vishnu Pandit, 61, according to The Washington Post.

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Law enforcement officials also said they were confident there was only one shooter who perpetrated the rampage, after a day of searching for two additional people of interest. Police found and cleared one potential suspect and are still searching for the second. But D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said the “shelter in place” order enacted around the Navy Yard area in southeast D.C. has been lifted.

Eight people were also injured in the shooting, including Metropolitan Police Officer Scott Williams, who Lanier said was doing well.

Details about the alleged shooter, Aaron Alexis, 34, of Fort Worth, Texas, have begun to emerge. Alexis, a former Navy reservist currently working as a government contractor, was previously investigated for shooting a gun in two separate incidents in Fort Worth and Seattle, according to The Los Angeles Times. He was also discharged from the Navy in 2011 and had a history of misconduct, according to the Times.

Alexis also had an affinity for Thai culture and Buddhism, according to people interviewed by The New York Times. While living in Fort Worth, Alexis regularly attended a Buddhist temple for services on Sundays.

Police said Alexis’ motive remained unclear.

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    Gerald Read is a hero! Imagine, Gerald Read is dancing in heaven with his kilts on due to his Scottish heritage!

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    The building later became the Joshua Humphreys Building!

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