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Arab states urge action against Syrian government

September 1, 2013

(Reuters) – Arab states on Sunday urged the international community to take action against the Syrian government over a chemical gas attack that killed hundreds of civilians.

The final resolution passed by an Arab League meeting in Cairo urged the United Nations and international community to “take the deterrent and necessary measures against the culprits of this crime that the Syrian regime bears responsibility for”.

The League foreign ministers also said those responsible for the attack should face trial, as other “war criminals” have.

Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal said condemnation of Syria over the poison gas attack, which U.S. officials say killed 1,429 people, was not enough.

He said opposing international action on the grounds that it was “foreign intervention” was no longer acceptable.

“Any opposition to any international action would only encourage Damascus to move forward with committing its crimes and using all weapons of mass destruction,” said Faisal.

“The time has come to call on the world community to bear its responsibility and take the deterrent measure that puts a halt to the tragedy.”

The United States had seemed to be gearing up for a strike against President Bashar al-Assad’s forces over an August 21 poison gas attack, but is now seeking Congressional approval first.

President Barack Obama’s decision to delay military action to seek Congressional support could delay a strike by at least 10 days, if it comes at all.

The Arab League resolution promised to “present all forms of support” to help the Syrian people to defend themselves.

Syria’s neighbors Lebanon and Iraq, as well as Algeria, all declined to back the text, as they have done with similar resolutions in the past. Syria itself is suspended from the League.

The meeting highlighted divisions between Saudi Arabia and Egypt over how to approach the Syrian crisis.

Egypt, which has been promised $5 billion by Saudi Arabia to bolster its dwindling reserves since the army overthrew Islamist president Mohamed Mursi, had said it was opposed to foreign military intervention in Syria, but did not vote against the resolution.

(Reporting by Shaimaa Fayed; Writing by Michael Georgy; Editing by Kevin Liffey)



Divine Freedom Radio – Of course the Arab League would condemn Assad, seeing that al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and all of Islam are in unison with creating another Sharia abiding nation such as in Syria. The end game for all Muslims is the Caliphate (World Domination). With the help of the Obama administration, world domination for both the Muslims and the New World Order could be a reality sooner rather than later. That is unless the American people wake up and join the Americans who are fighting against the shredding of the US Constitution and the takeover of the United States Government. It is not just an American problem though, this is a worldwide issue that the entire world must fight against. From a Christian prospective God warned us in the Bible that these things would happen, all Christians must stand against Islam and the NWO. God directs us in his word to fight evil in all of its forms. If you truly want to be free you must make a stand and make it count. We must stop the creeping evil of Islam, not one nation on the face of this earth is immune to the terrors offered by Islam. Learn the truth, stand up, educate others and fight!

In America we must seek the arrest of Obama and his administration for treason. Furthermore every American who has turned their back on our Constitution must be tried for treason as well, including those in the US Government. I know our time to act is short, the time to right the course of America is NOW!



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