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Peter King: ‘Under the Constitution the President Has the Right to Take Action’ Against Syria Without Congress

August 28, 2013

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) said on Wednesday President Obama has the constitutional authority to unilaterally launch a military strike against Syria without the consent of Congress.

“As the commander-in-chief I believe strongly the president has the constitutional right to carry this out,” King said on Fox News, stressing Obama “doesn’t have to” consult with Congress and adding that “presidents have done this consistently.”

King did, however, suggest the president would be “smart” to “consult with the House and Senate leaders,” but reiterated moments later he doesn’t think it’s required.

“He has the right to do it,” King said, referring to striking Syria without Congressional approval.

Host Bill Hemmer then quoted from then U.S. Senator Obama saying the president must have the consent of Congress to initiate such a military operation sans an imminent threat.

“The hardest thing to do with President Obama is to keep track of what he says from one day to the next,” King responded, adding that he feels “chemical weapons are a threat to everyone.”

“Under the constitution the president has the right to take action,” King continued. “He can do it. He has the constitutional right to do it.”

Watch Rep. King’s comments below, courtesy of Mediaite:

Credit To: Oliver Darcy / The Blaze



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One Comment
  1. Really?!? Where does this pompous douchebag get that intel from? IT SURE AS HELL ISN’T FROM THE Constitution.

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