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American Democrats on a Marxist March Through Other Nations

August 27, 2013

American Democrats on a Marxist March Through Other Nations

America’s Marxist-loving Democrats are on a roll.  The Dem roll, which has effectively frightened almost the entire Republican Party into quivering RINO jello, is spreading its tentacles all the way across the pond to Britain.

AP reports that Britain’s governing Conservatives have hired Jim Messina, President Barack Obama’s former campaign manager, to advise them ahead of the 2015 general election.

Heads up, Nigel Farage.

Messina was Obama’s national chief of staff for the 2008 presidential campaign and the president’s campaign manager in 2012.  His organizational flair and social media strategy have been credited for helping secure Obama’s re-election.

Messina is now chairman of a nonprofit called Organizing for Action and head of consulting firm The Messina Group.  And you can bet the farm that his Organizing for Action wasn’t held back from charitable status by the IRS.

“Messina said Friday that he had “long admired Prime Minister (David) Cameron” and would be offering the Conservatives “strategic  campaign advice”.  He said he would remain based in the United Sates and would not manage day-to-day political operations. (Washington Post, August 2, 2013)

Britain is currently governed by wobbly Conservatives in coalition with the Liberal Democrats,  but with Obama campaign team help, Conservatives seek to win a parliamentary majority in 2015.

While the British economy still staggers from a 2008 global financial crisis clinging recession, ‘Conservative’  Prime Minister David Cameron has recently vowed to “export” Same Sex Marriage around the world.

The palsmanship between Cameron and Obama portrayed in photo-ops runs deep.  Cameron hired Obama adviser Anita Dunne,  who named Mao Zedong and Mother Teresa as two of her “favorite political philosophers”  to help him prepare for televised debates during the 2010 election.  Low information voters in Britain should have been asking if that was David Cameron or Mao talking up on the stage.

The “strategic campaign advice” of American Dems like Messina have been seen in Canada both in the failed election campaign of Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff,  who held close friendships with Larry Summers, former Director of the White House United States National Economic Council  and Samantha Power aka Mrs. Cass Sunstein.  Currently US ambassador to the United Nations, Power had joined the Obama State Department Transition Team in late 2008 and was named Special Assistant to President Obama and Senior Director for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights on the National Security Council.

Both Summers and Power were colleagues with Ignatieff at Harvard. Power was considered Ignatieff’s ‘Harvard soulmate’.  Her husband Cass Sunstein is currently a professor of law at Harvard Law School, where Ignatieff returned in 2013.

Though no media gives it notice, Dem influence on Canadian politics continues to the present day through the fundraising of new Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, whose constant shilling for “just $5 more” on Internet emails are strikingly similar to the ones sent out on Obama’s behalf. (See below.)

The American Democrats being on a world-wide roll should send shivers down the spines of all those who believe in freedom and liberty.

In arrogant attitude,  the Dems on a roll is sprouting up like dandelions on the lawn.

The Atlantic Wire noticed “a little detail from Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee meeting that seemed worth highlighting”.

“During that meeting, Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, an unabashed and adamant defender of the NSA’s surveillance programs, had the duty of presenting a map created by the NSA showing terror activity it has disrupted.

(“When she says the two programs “essentially work together,” she’s largely trying to help bolster the embattled Section 215 phone call metadata collection, which has been subject to far more scrutiny and appears to have been far less successful than its counterpart.)

“Via the Associated Press, here’s a close-up of that map.

“You may notice, as we did, the odd use of “homeland” in this context.  It’s a tired critique by now, noting how the adoption of this expression to refer to the United States echoes weird Communist rhetoric from the mid-20th century.  Regardless: Isn’t “homeland” a weird term?

“But you may also be surprised to learn that our homeland now includes both Mexico and Canada, two areas that we understood to be autonomous nations that are not part of the United States.  Normally, this would be written off as a design goof, as one of the NSA’s (newly adept) graphics guys using a little more light blue than he ought.

“This being the NSA, we’re not inclined to offer that benefit of the doubt.  Is this a way of blending in Canadian and Mexican terror activity disruptions (which, we’ll remind you, is different from actual plots interrupted) to give a larger sense of the NSA’s success at halting terrorism within our borders?

“We don’t and can’t know, of course, since the information about almost all of these 54 events is classified.  Just know that the homeland is safe—be it Tampa, Toronto, or Tijuana—and that it’s all thanks to the NSA.”

Let the dance-to-any-tune, blow-with-any-breeze David Cameron throw in his lot with the American Dems.  But Canada is not and will never (please God) be part of America’s “homeland”.

Meanwhile, thanks to the high-handed American Democrat Party now on a worldwide roll,  the Marxist march through our institutions has changed to the Marxist march through our nations.

Credit To: Judi McLeod / Canada Free Press



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