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The ‘Religion Of Peace’ Muslim Radicals Are Laughingly Crapping On Us

August 25, 2013

The ‘Religion Of Peace’ Muslim Radicals Are Laughingly Crapping On Us

Am I the only American who is just plain fed up to ‘here’ with political correctness – especially when it comes to the so-called ‘religion of peace’? If what I am about to say offends you, then I am sorry. Sorry that you are either wearing ‘Kumbaya’ glasses or you just plain refuse to look at our world in ‘real time’ and realize that our “leadership” has not been leading for over a decade. They seem too concerned with offending a potential voter in their next election to actually lead and inspire the rest of us.

No matter what I say, it will/can/could be twisted by anybody with an opposing viewpoint; but here goes anyhow with my analysis of why I think agenda-driven Muslims are crapping in our American faces – and laughing at our stupidity:

A mosque was built at ‘Ground Zero.’ It would appear that the only ‘mainstream media’ coverage was by those who were simply looking for a ’confronation’; and when it did not happen, they left, without ever reporting the event. This is a passionate issue with a whole lot of ‘legal’ Americans, but the so-called “media” remained silent. Political correctness???

At this writing, over the past week –FIFTY or more Christian churches in Egypt have been torched. I just have to ask whether or not ANY ‘religion’ with a goal of true ‘Peace,’ would endorse this mentality/action/STUPIDITY. I also ask where, from a world government perspective, is the outrage at these barbaric actions? The simple truth is that the world media and government mouthpieces are silent because they are obviously AFRAID.

Regarding the officer who went nuts at Ft. Hood, the CBS headline said “Fort Hood shooting ‘suspect’ Nidal Hasan allowed to keep beard.” The man says “he does not wish to die without having a beard as he believes not having a beard is a sin.” Well, excuse me, Mister Murderer; but after slaughtering a bunch of innocent people, you equate ‘sin’ with the lack of a beard?

Sorry folks; but speaking as one who spent three years in the military, you follow rules. The insanity of “political correctness” has allowed this murdering officer to not only continue to receive his full military salary and benefits AT OUR EXPENSE, but also to crap in our American faces by wearing his military uniform while sporting a beard. Like it or not, our military guys, according to military rules, must be clean shaven – except for the murder, Hasan.

How can I forget the so-called “Million Muslim March” on Washington on the 12th Anniversary of the Muslim-orchestrated attack on America. This ‘protest’ is “to demand an end to discrimination against Muslims in America.” Say what? I have heard only ONE Muslim (a female) speak up over the past twelve years condemning the radical element in their so-called ‘religion of peace.’ Not a very impressive American Muslim track record of standing with your fellow Americans.

I know that there is ‘power in numbers,’ and there is a move under way by bikers (the Harley crowd and other two-wheeled patriots) to simply flex their patriotic muscles. The goal is to have TWO million bikers in Washington on September 11th just to finally draw a line in the sand – since our lame leadership will not. If you are a biker and want to know more, visit this website.

The Mosque at Ground Zero … the Million Muslim March on September 11th…the bending of the rules for the Ft. Hood military murderer…the lack of media coverage or outrage at the torching of fifty or more Christian churches in Egypt. I am fed up to ‘here.’ Had it been even five mosques torched in Egypt, the United Nations and our “administration” would have been outraged and might have even sent in troops, tanks, arms, ammo, or whatever else was needed. But, fifty churches? Apparently no big deal.

After twelve years of this politically correct crap, I just have to ask why there have been no ‘moderate’ Muslim-Americans joining the outcry of the rest of Americans in questioning their ‘Religion of Peace,’ and why a ‘Million Muslim March’ is necessary in the first place.

Muslims are marching because they feel discriminated against since 9-11-2001 when the Twin Towers were destroyed by Muslims–the attack on the Pentagon was orchestrated by Muslims–and the lives that were lost by downing the plane in a Pennsylvania field averted a Muslim-led attack on a Washington target (either the White House or Capitol).

You are marching on Washington because YOU feel discrimination? Excuse me, CAIR (“Council on American-Islamic Relations”), but I refuse to bow to your political games. You rely on twisting our laws to your advantage and on the ignorance of Americans who either have no clue or simply just want to ‘get along’ – and everything will be alright. Well, with you folks, we will NEVER ‘just get along’ because ‘getting along’ has never been your goal.

Either you will win, or the followers of Jehovah-God will be victorious. Your silence over the past twelve years tells me that you still believe bunches of virgins are going to welcome you into heaven for slaughtering lots of innocent people over the decades. Followers of Jehovah-God know that you are wrong.

Any bets on which of our beliefs ultimately wins?


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